Chubby Fat Girl Thinks She's Hot

Chubby fat girl is confident and she wants to dance to show the rest of ya'll bitches she can work it. Would you hit it?

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Rolls eyes

Rolls eyes +28 points882 days ago

I find some of the comment hilarious, considering they're probably being left by neckbeard idiots who live in their parents basement and who have never even had the chance to touch a woman. A real woman. One who would actually consent. You know, as opposed to the fake silicone vaginas you're all pumping into every night.

Before you bitch at someone not looking like the actors in porn, try looking in a mirror first.
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KYS -2 points880 days ago

This is not the right site for your white knight bullshit Reply Report

bubbydup +4 points881 days ago

bitch still fat doh Reply Report

spacemonkey +12 points881 days ago

I thought she looked beautiful and I liked watching a sexy sized woman being uninhibited and expressing herself Reply Report

Swiggity +8 points882 days ago

Well that's another song I liked ruined Reply Report
Bearded God.

Bearded God. +5 points881 days ago

Hmmm. Let's see. Big fat stomach, no ass, pathetic tits. The only way I'd fuck her is if I hadn't had sex in a year and was desperate. Which never happens. And I love BBWs. In fact, that's all I go for, but she's got all the curves in the wrong places and hearing her smug voice and comments in the beginning made me go limp. She's trashy and gross. By the way, no, I don't have a neck beard. Just an epic beard. Reply Report
Fuck it

Fuck it +3 points880 days ago

I think I killed one of those in skyrim Reply Report
No shits

No shits +2 points881 days ago

Funniest fucking thing I've ever seen lmfao keep clapping the thighs together baby and maybe it will start raining lol Reply Report

Яненавижужир +1 points882 days ago

Ёбаная жирная мразь… Умри, сука! Reply Report

Онанасрёттеврот +1 points881 days ago

Ебать она залезет те на ебальник и высрет знатную личинку, а потом станцует на твоих похронах Reply Report

Dingdong123345 +1 points881 days ago

Wonder why the table is still intact?! Reply Report

aquamansoup +1 points881 days ago

It's like barfing on a pile of shit. Reply Report
Brandon Lackey

Brandon Lackey +1 points880 days ago

Was that noise her farting? or was it a pussy burp? Reply Report

ewww   0 points882 days ago

Bwahahahah!!! Reply Report

SweatyBallz   0 points880 days ago

Though she was serious until she did the chicken wing dance. She knows she fat, nasty, and can't twerk. Reply Report
Dave l

Dave l   0 points788 days ago

Fuck her bent over in her fat ass Reply Report

gayloser   0 points203 days ago

she look like a temperpedic mattress headass Reply Report
never disguisted

never disguisted -1 points881 days ago

i can watch girls eat shit and the most disgusting stuff whitout getting disgusted but thiss makes me wanna vomit! Reply Report

achilles469   0 points881 days ago

Then there's something wrong with you pal, i would rather watch this than scat or puke porn. Reply Report

woodsman -2 points881 days ago

house like a crack den ass like a bag of washing and a face like shes been set on fire and put out with a golf shoe lol!! Reply Report

Lovetoscoffcumholes -4 points881 days ago

I'd pump her in the poopa no worries even scoff her ass hole after I cream pie it Reply Report
Fattie Louise

Fattie Louise   0 points788 days ago

I find your comment not nice
I am a fat woman myself
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white trash

white trash -5 points882 days ago

should of cleaned up the trashy room first don't
want the nigger shes fucking to think theirs food there too.
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*Insert Meme Here*

*Insert Meme Here* -5 points882 days ago

Would still fuck, tbh. Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 -5 points881 days ago

I like fucking fat girls they need lovin too Reply Report

chickengres -5 points881 days ago

Fuck the haters, i'd have that bitch pregnant
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Nasty bish

Nasty bish   0 points879 days ago

#nonstandardsporn Reply Report

Haters? -6 points882 days ago

Meh. She's white trash. Would still fuck her. So what? Reply Report

thisguy! -7 points882 days ago

this moby dick looking bitch just had a full body dry heave!
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