More Pleasure to Come

The first needle already had its fun in piercing my shaft, from head to the base, the next two larger needles are anxiously awaiting their turn to make the same journey

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nessbit +8 points789 days ago

Very sexy cock, it will be very hot to see those skewers do their work and hopefully see them driven home to the hilt.... Reply Report

nessbit +7 points790 days ago

Those are some thick needles, they are more like skewers. Hopefully it wont be long before I can see them pierce the head and the entire length of the shaft...mmmm Reply Report
Admirer 69

Admirer 69 +5 points789 days ago

Close up view if you could, nice and slow....would have been nice to see that guilotine thing thou Reply Report
Great job

Great job +4 points788 days ago

Gosh, if you use those two needles the same way as in " double pleasure", I didnt think you could do any better, wrong I would be !! Reply Report
Good Samatha

Good Samatha +3 points785 days ago

Such a beautifull cock, be nice to see the needles up close like in this video entering your cock and going all the way down, yummmmy Reply Report

Tammy4 +3 points771 days ago

Your cock is beautiful, when can we expect your next video, I love those thick needles...PS I would love to suck your cock Reply Report
Young Girl

Young Girl +2 points761 days ago

All 3 down the shaft at once would be nice, 3 or 4 of the smaller ones through the shat would be fantastic Reply Report

Soonplease +2 points790 days ago

OMG they are beautifull looking needles.....can't wait to see that longer needle do its job Reply Report
Black Beauty

Black Beauty +1 points762 days ago

Gosh, I want to suck, fuck, swallow your cum....please give me a chance Reply Report
Cheryl b

Cheryl b +1 points787 days ago

Put them both down the shaft together on same tape, the smaller ones thru the shaft again Reply Report

LadySonya4 +1 points720 days ago

My dream would be to have your cock I please Reply Report

chriscbt   0 points210 days ago

@LadySonya4 Would you like my cock for a day to abuse as you see fit?Balls too? Reply Report
Jenna B, Florida

Jenna B, Florida +1 points764 days ago

I really love your cock and would like to fuck you, would you be interested? Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points763 days ago

Send me a private message, please Reply Report

Amen21   0 points790 days ago

Amen to that, that cock is incredible Reply Report
Sharon c

Sharon c   0 points789 days ago

God dang, looking forward to seeing it Reply Report

Pollyp   0 points789 days ago

Count me in too, your fan club is growing Reply Report

JamieB   0 points784 days ago

Besides all the torture stuff I truly wouldn't mind giving you a blowjob Reply Report

Andyboss   0 points779 days ago

Can't wait to see it...what's the most painful thing you've ever done to your cock? Reply Report

lovelysue +1 points778 days ago

Cant wait to get the time to use that
4 inch needle either. I only do needle play, its the safest if you are carefull and it heals quickly. As far as painfull, the thicker the neefle, the more pain. Stubborn cock finally surrenders was the most painfull. Getting that thick needle thru really took a lot of effort, and boy you could feel it lol
Reply Report

Andyboss   0 points772 days ago

Ever thought about nailing the cock head on a piece of wood?
Reply Report

lovelysue +2 points771 days ago

Thou I love torturing my cock, it pays to be carefull. The thought of nailing it to a piece of wood is arousing, but heres the problem. Nails are not sterile, after going thru the cock and into the wood is the next problem, pulling the nails out...tiny pieces of wood could get into the cock and infect it. Love torturing my cock but would like to keep it so I can torture it more :-) Reply Report

Tippy3   0 points778 days ago

Nice, it would be cool seeing all the needles in your shaft at once Reply Report

Amen21   0 points770 days ago

Would love to see that really thick needle going thru your cock shaft Reply Report

Tied_balls_20   0 points763 days ago

When are you going to post the video of it happening? I can't wait! Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points763 days ago

The needles are so much thicker I shouldnt have a problem of them bending either :-) Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points763 days ago

Been busy, be a little while Reply Report

quarantine   0 points709 days ago

How bad does your cunt stink? Reply Report
Janine Boston

Janine Boston   0 points726 days ago

Would love to blow you and then have my way torturing your cock with those needles....want your cum first, just in case Reply Report

xgrimm13x   0 points695 days ago

Sign me up for that :) Reply Report