Five Guy Gang Rape

A drugged school girl is gang raped by a group of guys. They take turns fucking her and making her suck them. She gets several creampies and has to clean off their dicks afterward.

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babygirl98 +5 points508 days ago

I don’t know why she keeps crying, if it was me I would accept the fact that I was their cum whore. I’d love to be abducted and cummed in like that. Reply Report

angelique21 +3 points978 days ago

Why doesn't she just accept she is going to be raped...and enjoy it....It's happened to me several times and it really is the best way to get through it.....I wish she would stop screaming and start moaning. Reply Report
White van man

White van man +11 points963 days ago

The screaming makes it fun for the guys trust me rape is only fun if they scream or cry. Reply Report

Jen222 +1 points14 days ago

@White van man Don't kid yourself it's also "tremendously" rewarding for her (keeps you guys nice and hard). I'm submissive and" THIS JUST turns me on". There was some awesome deep throatting here, can you imagine how boring it would have been if she only moaned quietly accepting it. Reply Report
Released felon

Released felon   0 points950 days ago

Prefer solo rape. I never liked sloppy seconds Reply Report

Bonebot   0 points854 days ago

I like how she acts to not be into it, but keeps having orgasms left and right. Reply Report
porn is funny af

porn is funny af   0 points799 days ago

I couldn't help but laugh at 15:25 Reply Report

1123   0 points484 days ago

whats her name?? Reply Report

xoo   0 points108 days ago

A trussed-up girl might be conveniently helpless, but full access is near impossible. Here good use is made of her pretty cunt and mouth, but the pleasure her tits and feet could have given was missed. Before use, a girl should be stripped completely naked. Reply Report
no one

no one   0 points44 days ago

Don't know why she's screaming. She's clearly enjoying herself. Her face is so pretty when she cums. Reply Report