Girl Tries To Swallow Her Shit

Euro teen lays a nice firm turd in her hand and gently eats it bit by bit. In some moments she had quite a lot of trouble getting it away, but she doesn't give up easily and finishes everything like a good girl.

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Saint Buttcheeks

Saint Buttcheeks +26 points936 days ago

Reminds me of every time I try to eat broccoli Reply Report

afry +9 points935 days ago

Die Frau ist einnfach mega geil. Ich hätte die gleich geheiratet um jeden Tag ihre köstlichkeiten zu probieren. Reply Report

Bushdid911duh +7 points935 days ago

Kuddos for not giving up Reply Report

tokes9 +6 points935 days ago

Reply Report

ossy +4 points935 days ago

What a hot Pig Reply Report

Bdddd +2 points923 days ago

Nice ass Reply Report

Kinky88 +1 points792 days ago

I love the sound of the chewing! Reply Report

Dexx2017   0 points729 days ago

It takes a fair amount of training to be able to overcome the gagging reflex and swallow. Reply Report

JustinBanjak   0 points866 days ago

Hollyalesso, I'll shit on you and miss in your mouth. Reply Report

jannybh   0 points656 days ago

The great goal is to get and seduce as many innocent grls as possible into this and other prvrsions about pay or free live cam. Reply Report

Osito   0 points136 days ago

She name ? Reply Report

dddddddddddd -1 points930 days ago

Reply Report

crazyday -1 points924 days ago

who is she? any more videos? web site? Reply Report
King Mark

King Mark -1 points935 days ago

I've been looking for a little shit eating love slave like this for a loooong time !! Can't help but wonder if she's practicing for her man, why else would a chick sooo smoking hot do something like this? Reply Report

Poa +4 points935 days ago

Money Reply Report

Nevelelele -5 points935 days ago

She is weak tough girl can swallow it Reply Report
Yo quería tener relaciones sexuales con una mujer

Yo quería tener relaciones sexuales con una mujer -7 points935 days ago

Yo quería tener relaciones sexuales con una mujer bella como usted
Reply Report

crazy43 -4 points935 days ago

que pais vive? este es mujer alemania no hables aleman? Reply Report
Only blondes!

Only blondes! -8 points935 days ago

Rarely haven't seen such a disappointing loser like her...

If she would puke in front of me, I would press her face into her vomit. Making her eat her entire turd and vomit again and again untill she learns how to swallow accordingly.

No piece shall remain!
Reply Report

Orly +4 points935 days ago

What the actual fuck is wrong with you lol you're probably a weaboo who lives in his moms attic Reply Report
Robert Patinson

Robert Patinson -23 points935 days ago

I never would kiss this bitch= Ecoli un her stinky mouth.

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ShitDipper +6 points935 days ago

You are just a loser.
This is exactly what girls want.
Shame on you, cunt!
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emo guy

emo guy -26 points935 days ago

she probably has killed herself by now
such a shame
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TIM J.   0 points197 days ago

@emo guy R.I.P. Amanda Tood! Reply Report

RealMenShitInPussyBeforeTheyFuck! +5 points935 days ago

Nothing tastes better than a girls fresh warm stinky brown turd or diarrhea!
Especially in the morning after waking up.

It's not only healthy for your body, but also for your mind. Same for girls with male shit.
As long as you don't have a shit dispensing girl/man at hand, it's OK to eat your own.

Untill you haven't tried it, you are a shame!
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