Virgin Raped Three Ways

A pretty teen virgin is teasing a magazine salesman. He gets even by putting her in bondage, then raping her mouth, her cunt and her ass!

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cumb again don,t leave it too long!

cumb again don,t leave it too long! +13 points774 days ago

I am going to tease you now. Take your clothes off, all of then. I want your body naked. just cuff your hands behind your back. down on your knees now suck my cock. Ok now on your back on the bed spread your legs wide apart for me. so now I am going to fuck your virgin vagina deflower you Ever had a man,s erect hard throbbing penis inside you well tonight you will mine. all ten inchs in up to the hilt you can struggle and squirm but you will not stop my raping you will feel me cumb inside you. To finish face down on bed pulling your bum cheeks apart force my ten inch penis up your arse. and fuck your arse untill I promise you will scream as I cumb in your arse I bet you will remember being deflowered with a ten inch penis for life Reply Report

cumloliury +4 points1122 days ago

good!!! Reply Report

Heavyrisillegegal +3 points1106 days ago

What the actual fuck Reply Report

Gyps +3 points179 days ago

Honestly, anyone that believes this was real is easily duped. First off, that girl is way past 18 years old and was not a virgin. The blood was a prop to enhance the story line. Both of these actors are well known porn industry stars. Reply Report

RloverSub +2 points305 days ago

sucks im not a virgin anymore. it would be hot as fuck to get raped Reply Report

A WILD AND CRAZY GUY +1 points158 days ago

He is a wild and crazy guy much like me. l do this to the farmgirl at the barn when it is late. She has sexy big bozzoms that l squeez with great abandon ! Her giant ass not so good to see but l take off glasses. l bet you jelous plenty !!! Reply Report
bobby the poet

bobby the poet   0 points161 days ago

l was in prison with this guy. He was put away for doing these terrible things like squeezing creamy young titties and rubbing his sensitive shaft against warm young virgin pussys.Then letting these teen sluts suckle his bare member till their lips turned purple and his swollen cock snaped their hyman and oh how proud he was that he'd taken what a girl can only lose once. He will be out soon looking for your sister if you don't do her first. Reply Report
Big dick

Big dick   0 points151 days ago

Duck her Reply Report
Frther Friendly

Frther Friendly   0 points143 days ago

This is real and it's shocking ! Molesting a young boy is one thing but this, WELL ! Reply Report

AlittleToViolent -1 points898 days ago

This is sad Reply Report

pinkross -1 points215 days ago

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Duck this vid

Duck this vid -2 points422 days ago

This is fuvking sick Reply Report

ChyleenDreyer -3 points962 days ago

God, why aren't all men like this?!? I'm so fucking jealous!!! If only I'd lost my virginity this way!!! Reply Report
chykeen dreyler men

chykeen dreyler men   0 points930 days ago

i can make you feel like this if you want to do answer me and you will see Reply Report

Defloration -3 points783 days ago

Defloration i thik it is happen after the merrage
Reply Report

Really -4 points617 days ago

Fun fact: this vid turned out to be real rape and the rapist and cameraman are in prison now Reply Report
Ur mom

Ur mom +1 points475 days ago

@Really also they would have taken it down and also the wouldn't be any of the starting up stuff Reply Report

TrollsAmongUs +5 points615 days ago

@Really Fun fact: You turned out to be a lying troll and this is obviously fake acting Reply Report

whatthefuckdude -10 points1101 days ago

lol wtf is this shit real? Reply Report

Dibbl -4 points1095 days ago

aparently ppl gwt turned onto this not sure how but also his dick appears to be bleeding Reply Report
Rape me daddy

Rape me daddy +1 points638 days ago

@Dibbl his dick wasn’t bleeding, she was a Virgin and he broke her hymen, that’s why it bled. Reply Report