Piercing my shaft, from the head to the base

After previously trying this event, a thicker needle was used with a more satisfying result. This needle easily made its way thru the cock head and all the way down the cock shaft as it can be readly seen....the needle anxiously awaits its companion needle to join it in the shaft in the next video. Thank goodness i have another needle twice as thick and an inch longer for my next adventure

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madmickx +6 points906 days ago

Looks as if there was some serious resistance at around the 1.05 - 1.20 mark. I am guessing that would be where the glans joins the shaft? Awesome video and I am looking forward to the next instalment. Reply Report

Gratefull +4 points907 days ago

Awesome!!!! You did what you said you were gonna do....wow, all the way down the cock shaft, jerked off twice to it already, thank you Reply Report

Curious1@ +3 points905 days ago

You put needles in and through your cock head and shaft from all different directions and various means, all great to view :-) Curious, what is your favorite? Reply Report

lovelysue +3 points904 days ago

Like doing them all but once I started doing the shaft I would say its my favorite, particularly with the real long needles thru the head and downward. The glans offer a lot of resistance but once thru the feeling is marvelous. Feeling and watching the ease in which the needle makes short work of the shaft is something you have to experience to believe Reply Report

Cumqueen +1 points904 days ago

Did you try jerking off with the needle in? Beautiful glans!! Reply Report

Thankyou +1 points856 days ago

Love cock torture, an you do it well Reply Report
Admirer 69

Admirer 69 +1 points907 days ago

Needle went in nicely, pretty far down the shaft it appears, good work Reply Report
Like to watch that

Like to watch that +1 points907 days ago

Thanks for improving on your first attempt putting the needle down your shaft, much better and easyly seem Reply Report
I appreciate what u do

I appreciate what u do +1 points907 days ago

Seriously, a bigger and longer needle.....god dang I cannt wait. Your incredible when it comes to your craft, if I could only be so lucky........thank you so very very much Reply Report

MischeleS +1 points904 days ago

Bet that felt awesome after the needle finally worked its way into the shaft, looked like it went in smoothly at that point Reply Report

Anibot   0 points729 days ago

I just did the same :) When the needle was piercing the glans, it hurt like hell. But when it entered the shaft, the feeling was amazing. It is really hard to aim and I almost hit my urethra, this would've been a nightmare, but it turned out to be an awesome experience :3 Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points729 days ago

What gauge needle did you use, ive used 16,18,22 gauge needles, the thickness one went in the easiest, the thinner ones Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points729 days ago

Congrats, once the needle gets in the shaft its awesome, well worth having to go thru the head first Reply Report

tayman7   0 points904 days ago

loved it Reply Report

Coolman1   0 points902 days ago

Thats different and cool....and erotic Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points902 days ago

This needle felt so good inside that I left it therr for a good 20 minutes before I decided to put the other needle thru the shaft too Reply Report

Needleenvy   0 points891 days ago

If you put another needle down the shaft please use a closer up view like you did on the second part of this video...really like seeing the needle entering the cock up close Reply Report
Likeur clips

Likeur clips   0 points890 days ago

I agree, closer on needle going down shaft if you can Reply Report
Just wondering

Just wondering   0 points890 days ago

What does it feel like when the needle goes into your shaft? Reply Report

lovelysue +1 points889 days ago

It is a warm, tingling feeling. The shaft real doesnt have nerve endings in the middle, the main nerves are located on top of the shaft along with the major arteries. Staying away from those areas is important, the cock head is different....tons of nerve endings, you definite know it,so once thru the head and into the shaft its clear sailing Reply Report

Interested   0 points889 days ago

I would be interested in you doing that to me but I'm afraid to get hold of you Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points635 days ago

EBay - Germany and United Kingdom have long medical needles Reply Report

NeedlesAreAwesome   0 points642 days ago

Where do you find those long needles? I've looked everywhere, and I can't find it Reply Report

Ilovelindsey   0 points609 days ago

I need some of those needles.... Bet it feels amazing having them slide through the shaft meat... Im super jealous Reply Report

Lesbo4 -1 points855 days ago

Gosh, just let us see you cut it off...please :-) Reply Report