Hungry Tiger Has Chinese Meal

This lady had to get out to argue in the middle of a wildlife zoo.

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DinoSawrLuvzGirlPoo :O)

DinoSawrLuvzGirlPoo :O) +8 points721 days ago

This is where a Tiger comes handy. Another Drama queen gone. Problem SOLVED :O) Reply Report

truth +4 points721 days ago

I love how the guy starts to run to help then is like no wait that's a tiger maybe I should just stay here. Reply Report

Nieks +2 points721 days ago

Aaaaand she is gone Reply Report

michael666 +1 points721 days ago

What a colossally STUPID cunt!!! Reply Report
Jay Campbell

Jay Campbell +1 points720 days ago

Doesn't the tiger know he's just going to be hungry in an hour? Not to mention the nasty shits... Reply Report

dgreer +1 points719 days ago

saw this on news - two girls got attacked, one died, other one injured Reply Report

researcher6point2   0 points37 days ago

Clearly nobody knows the story here, the woman who was dragged off actually survived the attack. Her husband and I think her mother got out the car in an attempt to save her but it was the mother that actually lost her life.

tl;dr That stupid bitch survived.
Reply Report

SMF   0 points710 days ago

Hey I like Chinese food myself Reply Report

Jocke   0 points720 days ago

Fast food Reply Report

TigerReasoning   0 points714 days ago

It appears to me that this woman did not know she was in an open enclosure. The road does not appear to be sign posted reminding drivers and passengers of the fact. Possible breach in health and safety by the zoo? Who in their right mind would leave their vehicle knowing that there is a life threatening predator outside? What I also don't understand is the occupants of the red car. They are watching this unfold like some fucking lemons. Where is the instinct? Either ram the fucking car into the unfortunate beast or pull the car right alongside the woman. Even if your efforts are in vain at least you can hold your head up high and acted with good intent. However, in their defence they were probably shocked this would explain their inactivity. Really I have no sympathy for the victim, as the true victim in all of this was in fact the tiger. Moral of the story, don't tempt nature otherwise it will bite you in the ass! Reply Report