Real Indonesian Rape

Rare video of a real indonesian rape.

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Clueless Idiot

Clueless Idiot +46 points508 days ago

Shit quality but damn this type of videos is not funny.
This is a real rape video that is not staged.
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girl fucking and masturbating all the time

girl fucking and masturbating all the time +7 points478 days ago

It's like your 1st fag or glass of whisky. As a girl, I didn't like it, but then I needed to have it done to me as often as possible every day. Reply Report
Need a pussy

Need a pussy -14 points391 days ago

Want sex? We can plan something out Reply Report
You need sex? i m here

You need sex? i m here -13 points442 days ago

If you are willing to do so.. Then come on we can hang out Reply Report
Rand Paul

Rand Paul +44 points596 days ago

They're indonesian, that girl either chinese or local. She said "sakit la", means "it hurts". Reply Report

HardPrey +34 points608 days ago

I need to be held down and fucked like this for someone else's needs and desires abusing my will Reply Report

Diavolos +1 points349 days ago

This won't be against your will though :D You will enjoy your seat as a sexual toy more than they will enjoy it. Reply Report

Sweetz +34 points438 days ago

This is real shit. This aint funny or sexy at all. This is terrible. I couldnt even watch this for long. Feel so bad.. Reply Report
random person

random person +9 points160 days ago

@Sweetz Then why'd you click on it? Reply Report

xcitu +24 points634 days ago

This video of a pussy having unwanted cocks and cum forced into it made my cock hard, but I'm also always horny for pussy anyway. Reply Report
Big betty

Big betty +1 points227 days ago

Your huge hard cock made my pussy wet. I'd love to have it slide inside my stretched pussy Reply Report
Pencil dick

Pencil dick +2 points230 days ago

You have an impressive cock. Reply Report
Karma sucks

Karma sucks +11 points419 days ago

Homies gonna be screaming like little girls getting their asses raped in Bali prison. Reply Report

fuck_your_fuck +8 points581 days ago

this is Indon (Indonesian). Not Indian! Reply Report

double_tap_that +5 points637 days ago

Small dick gang, plus Indian? Looks Colombian to me. Reply Report
need links for more videos like these

need links for more videos like these +2 points269 days ago

Yup ur. Right Reply Report

ricko +5 points599 days ago

does not looks indian to me and not even the language seems to be indian Reply Report

Imamonster +5 points300 days ago

At what point do they chop her up with machetes? I mean give a guy something to cum too. Geez Reply Report

Invincible +4 points497 days ago

They were monkey's. Nothing more, nothing less. Reply Report
Nice apostrophe fucktard

Nice apostrophe fucktard +2 points59 days ago

@Invincible You can't even spell monkeys so who's the lower life form? Reply Report

Splash +4 points279 days ago

I don't get it. Is she a mermaid and they have to keep splashing water on her? Reply Report
the fixer

the fixer +3 points487 days ago

i just wanked my self silly mmmmmm yerrrrr Reply Report
Dat boo

Dat boo +2 points326 days ago

This shit is extremely fucked up, this isn't fake, this is fucking 100% real Reply Report

YouFuckingPsychopaths +2 points210 days ago

This is beyond fucked up... no means no Reply Report
Well then.

Well then. +2 points190 days ago

Why am I here? Reply Report
Rape Survivor

Rape Survivor +2 points141 days ago

At first, you don't like it, because it's rape ya know?

But after the first time you get raped, give it a week or two, and you start to fantasize about it, masturbating to the memories of it.

Personally, I've been raped 10 times since the first time it happened, and every time it happens I enjoy myself more and more, and most of the time, I got out without my underwear on, usually walking around the ghetto's with my tits hanging out just begging for someone to force themselves on me.

The feeling of it is so thrilling, being used by someone else for their own pleasure is indescribable.

The best time I've ever had was my 4th time, when a gang of men raped me. I loved every second that rape.

Man, fuck it, imma go walkin right now, I've gone and made myself all wet.
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S198910 +2 points117 days ago

Sick they should all be shot! Reply Report

RealPerson +1 points52 days ago

how to report this?
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Jojosale   0 points31 days ago

@RealPerson for what? That is sexy Reply Report

Treetuita   0 points290 days ago

T Reply Report
Big dick

Big dick   0 points223 days ago

Hot Reply Report
rajiv yadav

rajiv yadav   0 points307 days ago

Yes I want Reply Report
Dig bick

Dig bick   0 points183 days ago

Idubbbz is that you Reply Report

Anonynous   0 points56 days ago

Damn Reply Report

Jojosale   0 points31 days ago

Made my dick hard Reply Report

Jojosale   0 points31 days ago

Music to my ears Reply Report

Dave1232   0 points30 days ago

Take it, you worthless cunt. Reply Report
I love rape

I love rape   0 points14 days ago

I love rape porn
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Hotbrazil -1 points408 days ago

lady boys try to rape a girl, they have no penises lol Reply Report
Ah Fatt

Ah Fatt -1 points236 days ago

The accent is Malaysian not Indonesian, also Kampung is commonly used in Malaysia to refer to village. The girl is local Chinese, shaved. Reply Report

yrr -1 points360 days ago

Yep Reply Report

Emillyio -1 points503 days ago

hello jessicablackukfuckslut.. I wanna talk more with you... how?
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last rideee

last rideee -1 points263 days ago

i just dropped my phone on toilet and i m really pissed off.... fuck you ass holes........................ Reply Report

S198910 -1 points117 days ago

Sick! Should all be shot Reply Report

Baddest -1 points98 days ago

Lol if this is real, getting out of this situation would be extremely easy. Asians are always so easy to take advantage of because they’re scared of absolutely everything. I would be chewing dicks off and taking out eyeballs with my thumbs :) also punching and elbowing in ears, throats, you name it. Reply Report

Stevejhhgff -1 points90 days ago

This is the late 1990s rape of all chinese indonesia. You guys just saw a war crime Reply Report

Iwanttodie_50 -2 points197 days ago

Something is really wrong with I just cummed to some rape
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anonymous 23

anonymous 23 -2 points122 days ago

Looks like she got raped while trying to take a naked bath in the forest when suddenly she was discovered by some guys who took advantage of her. Reply Report

lado -3 points391 days ago

fuck Reply Report
Horny slut

Horny slut -3 points358 days ago

I want to b raped like that makes me wet watching Reply Report

jailbird +2 points224 days ago

id like to fuck you got me stone hard watching Reply Report

donzie226 -2 points335 days ago

If you would like to do a little role playing with me or maybe even phone sex (I think the best) then lets get together I,m donzie226. Reply Report

Barbarian +10 points352 days ago

This real shit is fucked but I would love to find a girl who's into this kink Reply Report

Dee339 -1 points133 days ago

@Barbarian mmmmmmmmm that would be me naughty boy Reply Report

:( -3 points215 days ago

rape is bad why is there real rape on here thats terrible
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Resiewdub +1 points210 days ago

There is real murder on here too, do you watch that? What about real torture? Reply Report

ubyb -4 points568 days ago

By tb Reply Report

Anon88 -5 points200 days ago

Men should be able to do what they want to women. If she says no, she should get beaten and raped. Reply Report

Muhammed -7 points355 days ago

You can see how good these muslims are, Fine outstanding citizens. Reply Report

plumbus -40 points623 days ago

Indians you say? Wouldn't be surprised, Filthy shiteaters. Reply Report

desi -10 points463 days ago

u fucking white ass hole , uncivilized piss drinker Reply Report
dad g

dad g -4 points581 days ago

U motherfucker my shit eater Reply Report