Poor Girl Treated Like Trash And Strangled To Death

Suspended like a piece of naked fuck meat. Electrotortured with a cattle prod. Raped like useless fucking trash. Finally ending her misery by strangling her to death. Her flesh is now dead and decaying.

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wtfffffff +12 points819 days ago

i feel morally devoid after watching this video... Reply Report

??? +8 points816 days ago

Someone should call the police. I can't tell if this is real or fake though Reply Report

joe27524 +8 points820 days ago

this cant be real....right? Reply Report

Jesusssssss +8 points818 days ago

I was pretty down until the minutes long drawn out scene of her FUCKING DYING. Reply Report

RandomEducatedDude +7 points638 days ago

For those concerned about whether this is fake or not. It is. The cattle prod, choking, suspension and gag may be real, but she is safe. Those are professional riggers, and the ropetying is professional as well. Everything here points to experienced people. Also it takes 7-14 seconds to strangle someone to death if applied effectively. Otherwise it'll take 1 minute. it took much longer than the 7-14 seconds it would have taken with the rope with that thickness.

conclusion, people with concerns, no need to worry.

Now you can enjoy the damn video
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Berliner +3 points565 days ago

Where is the 1st part? Reply Report

LkuSub +3 points806 days ago

Trust me it was fake but I love the adrenaline rush without it ending in death I like to be on the edge...
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BananaWoman +3 points815 days ago

That shits fake, she would be blue if she was really being choked Reply Report

wteves +4 points711 days ago

dude her face was fking blue Reply Report

Ohlook +3 points814 days ago

Who cares if its real of fake you watched it you're just as sick so quit your bitching and enjoy the rest. Or call the police and keep watching rape videos Reply Report

sometimes_erect +3 points812 days ago

why do you people even come here? Reply Report
Fake but good video

Fake but good video +2 points804 days ago

You can tell it's fake because the blood is like what kids use for Halloween because as it was running down it turned a light pink and not to mention if it was real it wouldn't be posted but good video Reply Report

wtf? +2 points610 days ago

strange... Reply Report
Fuck This Video

Fuck This Video +1 points819 days ago

This is fucked up and should be taken down... Real or fake. Reply Report
Fuck you

Fuck you   0 points217 days ago

@Fuck This Video If you don't like it, don't watch it. Don't be offended by something you voluntarily watched Reply Report

RealOrFake? +1 points815 days ago

I'm not entirely sure if it's real or not... Reply Report

Love_Rape +1 points815 days ago

One of the most butieful videos I've ever seen. Please more Reply Report
Lol almost real

Lol almost real +1 points396 days ago

You can hear her breathing Reply Report

TheBeast10123 +1 points283 days ago

Does anyone have the full video? Reply Report

trip187   0 points465 days ago

people dont stick there tong out when they are being chocked
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SubZeroDegree   0 points335 days ago

This is kinda scary but to be concerned it’s allowed and recorded....so maybe they are not actually raping here since links are down below and locations and it’s a video....so that means it could be fake since they wouldn’t be putting this up if they wanted to go to jail so no I don’t think this is real
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skm61   0 points236 days ago

The Fuck!!! Reply Report
Its fake

Its fake   0 points214 days ago

It is fake guys lol and how did I get from roblox to here but it is 100% not real if you wait until the end of the video you can see the same guy in a real porn video so yes for all the people worrying its fake Reply Report
Dont be so mofo guilable and use proxy\'s for real

Dont be so mofo guilable and use proxy\'s for real -1 points523 days ago

Its fake af ppl Reply Report
Sin Holder

Sin Holder -1 points338 days ago

If this is real, shows how fucked life has treated this girl to do something like this...can't wait til end of time comes to end us all humans.We don't deserve to live. Reply Report
Evil master

Evil master -19 points820 days ago

Perfect use for a fuck pig we need more women willing to do this Reply Report