Abducted Blonde Cut Nipples And Snuff Fucked

Caught slut banged in the woods. Her nipples are cut off with a knife and eaten. She's killed and her corpse fucked again.

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It\'s fake

It\'s fake +2 points377 days ago

For those who thinks it's real it's from a old school movie Reply Report

Apostolos +2 points615 days ago

This is the gayest shit i have ever seen, i thought the title was a typo. Whoever this shit is a major faggot that i will gladly torture to death and yes I'd make them all beg me to kill their llluminatos weak asses. Reply Report

Vigilante +2 points614 days ago

I agree. Any fucker who enjoys this is a fucking worthless cunt Reply Report

Horse-cunt-lover84 +2 points367 days ago

You know what happens to tough guys like these jack offs in prison? He'd up a getting a sex change with a spoon and a piece of scrap metal Reply Report
For those who think it\'s real

For those who think it\'s real +1 points601 days ago

It's very obviously fake. For one when she is dead her hands still move. For two, if it was real who's filming the friend running and crying? Someone from the group? Then why isn't she running from them? For three, there is no where near that much blood going to the nipple. And for four, if this was real she would have passed out from the pain long before she got stabbed Reply Report
Mr movie3000

Mr movie3000 +1 points112 days ago

It's from a movie called Chaos but it's a remake of a older can't remember the title thou. Reply Report

FAer -2 points632 days ago

is this real??! Reply Report
helping hand.

helping hand.   0 points542 days ago

it is, i'd kill all of those fuckers. Reply Report