Huge Forced Asian Milk Enema

Restrained Asian girl gets a huge milk enema forced up her asshole and forced out again by vibrator.

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ +19 points586 days ago

Y'all need me... Reply Report

crossdressex +11 points586 days ago

mmmm why dont put something in her ass so the milk cant come out til she is filled so that her belly is full with mijk !! Reply Report
blah shj

blah shj +2 points582 days ago

That's not how anatomy works~ Reply Report

qwertyuasdfgh +2 points584 days ago

Why do they always have to sound like butchered pig.. Reply Report
Chlorox bleach

Chlorox bleach +1 points297 days ago

I want to drink myself Reply Report
Dicks McGee

Dicks McGee +1 points584 days ago

Damn that twitching is so sexy Reply Report

smally +1 points402 days ago

Lovely Reply Report

MNX   0 points346 days ago

Western people are mutant sub-animals. The entire world will spit on their filthy mothers soon Reply Report
question ?

question ?   0 points578 days ago

why is her pussy looks like that ?? Reply Report

passy9190 +4 points551 days ago

They put tape on her pussy so they can leave it uncensored Reply Report

kontol69   0 points180 days ago

i like it Reply Report

MNX   0 points346 days ago

This is inhumane shit. The cunts in the west care less about human rights. This is disturbing fucking shit. They probably got her to sign documents after fooling her or may be even trafficed her. Reply Report
your local whore

your local whore   0 points38 days ago

I want that much cum in my ass Reply Report
Stop watching before 2:30

Stop watching before 2:30 -4 points585 days ago

Holy shit is that blood!? Oh my god--that's horrible! She could be dead now! Reply Report