Post Op Transgender Pussy Play

Mature transman playing his new huge hairy vagina and clit close up on camera.

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hornyemt +11 points518 days ago

That's not how this works... That's PRE-OP transgender... Like has always had a pussy and is waiting to get a dick. Let's use a little common sense here, people, you think someone who wants to be a bitch has that much hair on their body? Reply Report
Real Trans

Real Trans +4 points518 days ago

Not male to female, dumbass! The other way round AND pre-op. In order to get reassignment you need permanent hair removal!
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justanotherwhore +2 points519 days ago

I wanna suck his clit Reply Report

ingomat +1 points519 days ago

That's a huge and filthy pussy - wonder how it taste Reply Report

junglejimhr -2 points452 days ago

Yeah... That's a Transwoman or FEMALE to male! People are sooo damned stupid Reply Report

buttlikr -3 points518 days ago

id like to eat that Reply Report
ass wrecker

ass wrecker -3 points518 days ago

no way that post op looks just like a hairy bitch Reply Report

rover -4 points518 days ago

looks like they used ball sack for the skin over the clit
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BornAGirl -5 points518 days ago

Shave yourself girl.. Reply Report

Yourmyhitachi -8 points518 days ago

Fucking Gross! Reply Report

Serdumm -23 points518 days ago

Lets hope he regrets his mistake and kills himself because of it Reply Report

omfg +5 points518 days ago

screaming, biblical fucking comment Reply Report

tudy000 -16 points518 days ago

Not really LOL,its a man with a fucking pussy,a fucking shitty abomination that deserves to be raped inside that shit and killed after,i'm an atheist by the way and yes ITS FUCKING GROSS!!! Reply Report