Scary Castration Video

Scary video of a male castration procedure. I stroked my cock and ejaculated in sympathy for this poor guy. I'm sure glad my balls are intact, healthy, extremely fertile, and they keep me extremely horny 24/7, so I can keep on cumming inside pussies.

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Oink +14 points594 days ago

You can still cum without balls, you'd just be unable to have kids. Most of the fluids in cum come from the prostate gland. The Eunuchs in charge of the female slaves in Roman times often had their end away.

But yeah. Sympathy for this poor guy. Assuming it was to get rid of cancer I hope they got it all.
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tinystock +7 points594 days ago

Wish this was an elective surgery i'd have it done in a heartbeat! Reply Report

xcitu +1 points594 days ago

Having extremely high sex drive can be a hindrance at times. I'm constantly seeking women to have have sex with. I've caused a few unintended pregnancies too. I'm extremely careful about STD's, and have always been STD free. Sex with women is like a drug that I'm completely addicted to, and I could never get myself to do anything to reduce the sex drive, it just feels too good. Reply Report
Cowboy Dave

Cowboy Dave +1 points475 days ago

That's why I want it done to me. My sex drive is out of control and it causes problems in my life. Reply Report

sadisticlady +5 points589 days ago

yes castration is good.
aim learning how to perform this on male slave's.
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Worthless as a man

Worthless as a man +4 points593 days ago

I need that done to me I can't please women Reply Report

Stranger +3 points594 days ago

That was the most painful thing I have ever witnessed. Reply Report

Ozboi +3 points444 days ago

If I ever meet someone who can castrate a man, then it's bye bye balls Reply Report
Dr. Nick Riviera

Dr. Nick Riviera +2 points591 days ago

This ain't a castration, it's a penectomy. so removal of the penis. Maybe he wanthed that (Thai shemale prostitute eg :D ) Reply Report

sirropenchain +2 points417 days ago

Id. Love to find someone who could do this to me, and to add to the humiliation once balls removed implant 2 2" stainless steel ball bearings into my empty sack so I can still be chastised Reply Report

foxhole420 +1 points281 days ago

Anyone want to cut mine off? Reply Report

ivi   0 points100 days ago

Я также думаю кастрировать Reply Report

nutzonutzo   0 points15 days ago

who can remove my balls Reply Report