Hairy Daughter Pissing In Bath

Watch my beautiful daughter peeing and playing in the bath tub with her hairy pussy.

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hotkinkyray +3 points513 days ago

I love young hairy pissers! Reply Report

mmmmmhairy +2 points512 days ago

Love her armpits. So sexy! Reply Report

NO BALD CUNTS! +2 points512 days ago

I absolutely LOVE pussys that look like that. I also like it when a girl has some hair down there. I am completely over the whole bald as a newborns bottom look. I am not even that satisfied when they have just the strip. I told my GF at the time not to shave, just trim it a bit down there because I wanted to play with a some what hairy pussy. It gives it, character LOL no, but seriously it does you know what I mean!?! hahaha Reply Report

xcitu +1 points503 days ago

Hairy pussies smell much better too. I love the smell of pussy, and the hair harbors that beautiful smell much more than a shaved pussy. Although, I won't turn down a shaved pussy, I like the feel of a hairy pussy on my cock, because it feels like I'm making love to a woman, and not a girl. Reply Report

Weteye2P +1 points512 days ago

good tits as well as strong piss Reply Report

doug69 +1 points513 days ago

Beautiful. You had me at "hairy". Reply Report
master 77

master 77 +1 points513 days ago

die schleuder ist 1 traum :-) Reply Report

LOOK HERE AND GIVE ME YOUR OPINION +1 points512 days ago

My question to you all is the last sentence of this post...

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So I got to thinking that someone seriously needs to make a site focusing intensely on eating pussy and rimming women's assholes. There really is a gigantic shortage of high quality pussy eating porn sites. I think I am going to make just what I said above; Lots of closeup shots filmed in HD of hardcore pussy and ass eating from both girl on girl and man to girl. Shit, I know a site like that would get a ton of dudes visiting it. I'm seriously going to do it!! Now I just have to find women who do porn vids for a living. I wonder if posting an ad on Craigslist will suffice in the beginning?

So, my question to all of you is simply this; Do you also agree that there seems to be a shortage of high quality pussy eating and anal rimming on the net today? And either you say yes or no, would you visit a site that directly focuses on hardcore and closeup HD filmed pussy eating and anal rimming on women?

Let me know!
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MORE TO ADD FROM ABOVE.... +1 points512 days ago

I forgot to add....
and you know what else there is a shortage of, quality videos of women playing with themselves and looking directly into the camera and talking dirty for guys to jerk off to. I have watched many videos where the girl plays with herself and talks filthy to make the guy cum, and I find myself always stopping the video mid way through and abandoning that video type altogether and instead pulling up a anal gape video to finish myself off to. The thing is, in my opinion, the girls doing the video really do not know how to talk dirty to a guy properly. They end up basically repeating the same damn sentence over and over again throughout the video, or they simply really do not know how to talk XXX filthy. So, on top of making a premium pussy and ass eating site, I am also going to have high quality videos of women role playing and talking dirty to guys to make them cum. I will script it word for word if I have to! LOL seriously though I will. And I will direct them accordingly. Gotta let them know that in order to get a man who is jerking off at home at his computer desk you REALLY HAVE TO speak the filthiest words you can think of, and describe the absolute filthiest scenarios that come to mind. Naturally as a man myself I will spend as long as it takes to explain and suggest/direct to the women in exact and explicit triple XXX detail exactly what it is a man really wants!

I tell you guys, I can already envision what the site will look like and the content it will contain. I can guarantee you guys that NO man will leave disappointed, but every man will sign off their computer happy because they will have had their balls drained of every last drop of jizz a man can muster!! LOL
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