College Girl Strangled To Death

College girl double raped and strangled.

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expert   0 points375 days ago

shes not dead. Roughly 13 minutes in you can see her facial expressions move. Also it doesnt take 3 minutes to pass out without air. It takes 3 minutes without air to die. You wouldnt just die after struggleing you would pass out.

TLDR the video is fucking bullshit
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buzzybee   0 points100 days ago

Would love to bite her tits and munch her nice big boobs - munch for lunch!!! And as a bonus cut out her sexy tongue and eat it with garlic and onions. Gorgeous sexy victim if ever there was one. But still a whore and bitch who got her just desserts - and playing with
her dead body would be dessert indeed.
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LPL -1 points406 days ago

don't waste the meat Reply Report

Kodakmoment -1 points222 days ago

Haha - watch the birdie!! A drop dead gorgeous victim who dropped dead so beautifully. Who wouldn't want to fondle and play with her soft, sweet corpse? Some guys have all the luck - did us all a service slaying that worthless bitch. Thanks for a great view to a kill. Reply Report

K1ii*6#&06 -3 points474 days ago

Such a beautiful and worthy young victim. Her soft, sweet tender flesh, her soft silky supple skin were indeed so worth fondling, including her very ample bumpers. But make no mistake, she was a bitch who needed to be eliminated - girls such as her use their ample bodily assets as a come-on to trap anyone who are weak and resist temptation. Two killers were a stroke of genius as there was no way the slut could escape their clutches. The whore was choked to death by her soft, white delicate neck so effectively she felt the pain and torture she deserved. Our killers rightly too k pleasure in terminating her worthless existence and we all watched anxiously as she struggled and rejoiced when she took her final anguished gasp and succumbed to the throes of death, which while being too good for her was the best that could be given to her. Her lovely green eyes were frozen wide open and rolled up in utter shock at her demise, and her her mouth was likewise frozen agape in mute horror at same. As sexy as she was in life she is even more so dead as a still, silent corpse. Too bad our killers did not remove her socks and savor her sweet soft feet, but considering their success this is a minor gripe. More power to the slayers of these deceptively beautiful
pieces of trash.-
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