Needles go thru cock head and into shaft, 1 comes out shaft!

Needles penetrate the cock shaft after passing thru the cockhead, back by popular demand

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Needle fan

Needle fan +7 points981 days ago

Great vid again, looking forward to that real long needle going down your whole cock...soon please Reply Report

lovelysue +4 points978 days ago

That will be my next video, a non bending 3 1/2 inch needle down rhe cockhead down into the shaft....following that will be a needle thru the side of the cock shaft Reply Report

nessbit +5 points960 days ago

I see the one needle curved its way through the cock until it stuck out the cock shaft...mmmmmmlove your beautiful cock
Reply Report

BettyAtlanta +4 points960 days ago

I saw that too, the other needles looked thicker, didnt bend, and appeared to disappear into the shaft completely in both the guys videos. I love that cock ....i too masterbate to it Reply Report
A needle short

A needle short +4 points982 days ago

Nice job with the pump,looks like one of your needs went through your cockhead and part way down your shaft and out again.....shows how far they do go down your shaft Reply Report

Shucks +3 points958 days ago

See you still have your cock, what a shame. Would have loved to see it meeting its end in the would have been a great video to watch. Many would pay to watch it, im thinking Reply Report
Admirer 69

Admirer 69 +2 points982 days ago

Nice to see you back again, thanks for your videos. Boy you can really see that those needles go pretty deep into your shaft....I'm envious Reply Report

lovelysue +1 points830 days ago

Normally 10-15 minutes, it feels good Reply Report

Seattle28 +1 points977 days ago

Awesome idea with your device! Wouldnt mind trying one of those the idea of all those needles going through the cock at once. Reply Report

Moreplease +1 points973 days ago

Wow you are demented, luckly for us!! Suppose you cannt use longer neees in your would be real if you could Reply Report

Curious101 +1 points969 days ago

Is it painfull having all those needles going into your cock? You dont seem to make any sounds of pain while making your you cum afterwards Reply Report
Rachael M

Rachael M   0 points825 days ago

What a wonderful cock, I love what you do to it Reply Report

Jimmyzin   0 points787 days ago

O my would love to do this
Reply Report

Hungsoon   0 points832 days ago

How long do you leave the needless in for, really nice video of your cock Reply Report

Thetkkk   0 points834 days ago

Awesome cock Reply Report

Neatstuff   0 points957 days ago

Neat having that needle coming out of the cock shaft... Reply Report

Horny99   0 points939 days ago

Thats different, i shot my load before the video was even over, nice Reply Report

Coolman1   0 points929 days ago

This is your most creative and devilish video....great turn on too Reply Report

Anter3   0 points929 days ago

Watching that needle come out the shaft made the video to jerk off too Reply Report
Lavone 1969

Lavone 1969   0 points785 days ago

Beautifull cock, love to suck and fuck you Reply Report