Cumshot In Girl's Hair On Bus

I am just a sick pervert and get always horny while riding on the bus. I then whip out my dick and start jerking off and shoot my load in women's hair.

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Goddrick +14 points865 days ago

But in the end we see him cleaning the chair up - he must be a good guy ;D Reply Report

carpatian +13 points865 days ago

a true gentleman :) Reply Report

Ub +5 points864 days ago

the shampoo of the Gypsies Reply Report

fanboi +5 points862 days ago

How the fuck no one saw him :o Reply Report

OK +4 points865 days ago

Dude you're SO fucking amazing!!! Making my thoughts in reality. Keep doing, man! Nice work! Reply Report

malemasseur +4 points865 days ago

Haha brillant !!! XD .. Is actually very good for her hair, she should be thankful to him when she finds out :D ... Reply Report

Basti +3 points550 days ago

Please More ! !*-* Reply Report

Sjkbabe +3 points865 days ago

Ponytails are just made for cum. Reply Report

ingomat +2 points834 days ago

Great Reply Report
Rick O\'Shea

Rick O\'Shea +2 points508 days ago

MYYYYYY HERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is SOOOOO hot !!!!
I soooooooooo wish I had the courage to do such !!!
Reply Report

19yroldrapedoll +1 points603 days ago

I take the bus all the time and I hope someone cums on me. If I caught them I'd get so horny I'd probably start fingering myself right there on the bus
Reply Report
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes +4 points413 days ago

Obvious man-posing-as-a-girl is obvious. Reply Report

Lel +1 points593 days ago

Lel Reply Report

makethemcry   0 points865 days ago

Fuck I love this. Don't know how you don't get caught. Ever have someone watch you do it? If I saw it would give you a thumbs up when you were done. Reply Report

AnotherWanker -1 points315 days ago

Oh man, the amount of times I've had some incredibly hot teen sit in front of me with her beautiful hair right there infront of me and wished I could just unload a full load on her. . .

Amazing job. I wish there was more
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pffff00 -2 points864 days ago

it's disgusting. fucking piece of shit Reply Report
Potent pervert

Potent pervert -3 points800 days ago

I sneak into women's restrooms and jerk off on the toilet seat while sucking on a bloody tampon or kotex pad I find in the metal box Reply Report
Kill Dirtyscumbags

Kill Dirtyscumbags -25 points865 days ago

What a fucking loser, piece of shit you are! I hope a dirty fucking hobo sneaks up on you while you're jacking off on some poor unsuspecting girls head, and takes a diarrhea on yours. You're probably spreading your STD's from that diseased, tiny prick of yours you got from fucking dead pigs asses on your cunt mother's farm. Not to mention all those disgusting, sloppy bj's you got from her, and you know she was sucking off those same pigs! I'm sure you don't give a fuck if some little kid put's his, or her hand in a puddle of your rotten cum. You need to die, and quickly! Please God, give him dick cancer! Reply Report

dirtyscumbag +2 points865 days ago

Someone woke up on the wrong side this morning! But I´d love to have someone shit all over my face! and don´t make fun of my mother asshole! We didn´t have pigs and her blowjobs were fine and the last STD I had was years ago so that is probably all gone now. Reply Report
Anne frank

Anne frank -13 points865 days ago

I'll murder ur mom then use her liquified corpse as lube when I rape ur ass shut the fuck up little boy Reply Report

OK +6 points865 days ago

Sup sissy, ever had someone cumming on your own hairs like dude in the video? I bet you like that, Anne. Reply Report