Candid Thai Street Ass

Some of my own personal vids of nice ass Thai hookers I have spotted while walking round the streets of Phuket and Pattaya in Thailand at night.

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iruingirls +7 points1046 days ago

If ya like seeing candid Thai girls asses i got a daytime one in my profile too.
Im always surprised more people dont take more candid ass vids in Phuket and Pattaya cos if you was looking for sexy ass n legs for these type of vids then youve got literally thousands walking past you all night long.
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podkabluchnik +4 points1046 days ago

Best asses in Thailand are on ladyboys anyhow :)) Reply Report

mastermuffin123 +2 points1045 days ago

cant wait till im a multi millionaire ill be earning $25k a day and living the dream with like 10-20 thai girls Reply Report

iruingirls +5 points1045 days ago

mate on just $250 a day you can live a life like hugh hefner in Thailand Reply Report

HeavyFan +2 points1044 days ago

I really would go with you to Pattaya for you present me that wonders you know there! I bet you are the best tourist guide a guy can have! xD
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iruingirls +4 points1042 days ago

Well in a place like Pattaya when your there for the pussy, people need some advice when theyve never been before cos its overwhelming and these girls know how to play the game and youl end up spending the whole time your there with the same slut and miss out on all the fun you could of had.
1 tip, if your wanting to fuck as many different girls as you can while there... just never let them stay the night, if ya not stubborn it can be hard but after ya fucked em you just gotta say here you go heres your money, see ya later.
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whatif +2 points1031 days ago

what if they stay the night? its not more expensive if they stay? Reply Report