Put Her To Sleep And Abuse Her

Asian girl is chloroformed by a guy. He strips her and plays with her pussy. He sticks his cock in her mouth and then pumps her snatch. He fills her with cum then ties her up so he can abuse her again after she wakes up.

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Santa Claus

Santa Claus +4 points439 days ago

Let likely fake.. so many of these are, granted this is Asian and does seem much more realistic from the other "sleep" sex vids...who knows Reply Report

LoLMan +2 points347 days ago

Asian..and without censore ? wow! Reply Report
Is This Video Real?

Is This Video Real? +1 points769 days ago

15:30 and onward makes me lose it every time! Reply Report

Red0   0 points489 days ago

Ds Reply Report

Yepyepyep   0 points767 days ago

Good job! U brought her to ur home!! And now if u let her go she will definitely come back, probably not alone maybe with some cops? Sue ur ass. Reply Report

Owiejdi +1 points402 days ago

The next step after rape and bondage would be murder...
Reply Report
The Truth

The Truth +2 points715 days ago

I guess you people don't know how Asia and Japan work. No one gives a fuck it's a mans world over there. This is in Asia girls and women have no rights the police department is in on the deal they honestly don't care. They do worse stuff then this. Reply Report

shoea   0 points479 days ago

america is worst ... way worst how they treat girls Reply Report

Gohira   0 points454 days ago

No it's not retard women have the same if not more rights then men do Reply Report
Ancient of Days

Ancient of Days -10 points715 days ago

The world is full of sinners but there are still good people out there. Remember that all of you and God is real. When you die you get judged no one escapes the angel of death that is why we die. To get judged by the almighty God. For our soul to be put in the right place and God is forgiving and merciful. Prayers work I know by experience. Prayer is the key to all the doors in your life. Have faith. Reply Report

Hahalolol +1 points472 days ago

Is that why you watch these vids??? Loyola u pervert ur going to hell !!! No matter what u convince urself Reply Report
Fuck you

Fuck you +7 points589 days ago

Now everyone knows your holy ass watched porn Reply Report

Athiest   0 points649 days ago

Fuck you religious cunt Reply Report
The mind of a serial killer

The mind of a serial killer   0 points715 days ago

Don't ever underestimate the mind of a serial rapist. You real think she is gonna be alive after this? No she will be disposed of like a piece of trash. There are many ways of getting rid of a human body. Do some some research idiots. Reply Report

Moron +2 points636 days ago

And post it online? Obviously fake idiot Reply Report

S.F.   0 points744 days ago

Stupid. Reply Report

Angry   0 points305 days ago

Why did this short flaccid cock having chink get to fuck her over just about anybody else... Reply Report
George Lopes

George Lopes   0 points139 days ago

i fucking enjoy porn comment section fights hahahaha Reply Report

shysarah1959 -1 points219 days ago

Something like this happened to me 6 months ago when I traveled to Japan. I must have been drugged in a bar and woke up naked and alone in a hotel I wasn't staying in. When I went to the police they said there was nothing I could do about it so what that other guy said was true. I will never go back there again Reply Report

bigkutas -2 points798 days ago

her tits so small Reply Report

joyousonex -4 points698 days ago

Excellent video. Esp the closeups. Reply Report