Flexible Needle Pushed In Penis

The 3 1/2 inch needle was to flexible to allow it to penatrate the whole cock....dam, need a bigger gauge needle.

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Ladycumswallower +7 points1162 days ago

For those of us that fantasy about cannibalism you do a marvelous job of making your cock more appealing each an ever time...if you ever want to come over to be dinner :-) Reply Report
Like to watch that

Like to watch that +5 points1094 days ago

Im all looking forward to seeing the long needle down your shaft, there is a similar video out there that a femdom puts two long needles down a cockshaft with the victum out of sight Reply Report

Eagertohelp +4 points1104 days ago

Any chance of letting me put the needle down your shaft and have my boyfriend video it? It would be awesome and you could actually just watch and enjoy.. 941-549-6677 Reply Report

Needlewitch +4 points1079 days ago

I would so love to get a hold of that cock for a day, I would have so much fun with the needles all over your cock you wouldnt want to let me leave Reply Report

fretastair   0 points694 days ago

if you lived in this midwest, id give you mine anyday Reply Report

nessbit +3 points1117 days ago

You should make a video where you put that same flexible needle all the way in as far as it can go, the whole length of your cock....mmmmmm Reply Report

lovelysue +3 points1115 days ago

That is my goal actually...to put a needle all the way down the shaft. I now have a large needle that will not bend...stay tuned, should be fun Reply Report

nessbit +1 points1117 days ago

I was kidding, dont push em deeper they're already deep enough. i want to delete that comment. Reply Report

Wantmore +3 points1079 days ago

When you coming out with the big needle down your cockshaft, or can you just put it through the shaft please Reply Report

lover212 +2 points1163 days ago

Any news on that offer? Btw im against it i love your videos such a turn on. But i am curious Reply Report

lovelysue +1 points1163 days ago

I've had a lot of feedback...public an private..on that subject. Thought it was pretty much a joke is the only reason I was curious plus being bored. I researched what,why and hows its done in the medical field....several other people have too and sent me their results also. Removing the penis is quite common.by design or accident. It's complicated but can be done successfully regardless of why, the war injuries when they lose their penis is quite a miracle. If I wanted a sex change I would jump on it in a heartbeat, but to become a eunuch for big bucks......only if desperate Im thinking Reply Report

madmickx +1 points1160 days ago

Well, I am glad you did your homework. People have died going the do-it-yourself route. Another little anatomy lesson for those eager to cook and eat a penis: Most of any cock's size is due to blood filling it during arousal. Once that is gone there isn't much left - just a bit of skin and the spongy corpus cavernosa. The testes would make a better meal. Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points1159 days ago

You know,Im with you...why people want to eat my cock I can see by the videos, but once it was cut off there would be much left...guess.folks dont understand it would be just like a.deflated.balloon, not what you see in the videos Reply Report

lovelysue +1 points1160 days ago

People like you make suggestions that make sense..and some people listen, thanks. Man there are lots of people out there who want to eat a penis, well all I can say is different strokes for different folks Reply Report
I want it

I want it +2 points1161 days ago

I would take that cock in a blink of an eye , no mater what means is used to seperate it from the owner. Tie it off so it stays big and hard, cut it off and right into the oven for a slow roast. Cannt see it not being moist an juicy being simmered with all that blood sealed in...beats stir frying Reply Report

Biggerthebetter +2 points1084 days ago

Use that thick 3 inch needle an put it down your cock shaft, or through the side of your cockshaft...that would be awesome please Reply Report

Picturesarecooltoo +2 points1077 days ago

Your cock is very good looking, any chance you post a lot of pictures of it please Reply Report

Nicely +2 points1072 days ago

What a pretty, well defined cock....if my BF could be so lucky Reply Report

sadist +1 points1165 days ago

put needles in shaft without pierced head Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points1163 days ago

Will do, why not? Reply Report
Wouldnt mind joining

Wouldnt mind joining +1 points1154 days ago

I love everything that you do to your cock, do you that particapatiants? Reply Report

Bidd   0 points1061 days ago

Beautiful dick, bigger needle needed Reply Report

BabyJane3   0 points1048 days ago

Nice attempt...cock, wish I had it for a day Reply Report