Stubborn cock head finally surrenders to needles advance

After extreme pressure was applied, the 3 inch 16 gauge needle finally was able to force its way thru the tightly bound cock head which resisted the needles.advance every single mm of its journey

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Shaft time

Shaft time +9 points651 days ago

Now that should be the needle that gets rammed thru your cockhead down into the shaft, that one wouldnt been! When are you gonna try a needle.(hopefully that one) thru the side of the cock shaft? Reply Report

lovelysue +3 points589 days ago

My next video will be a non bending 3 1/2 inch needle thru my cockhead into the shaft, then i will put one thru my cock shaft only Reply Report

Femdomgirl +3 points671 days ago

Love your cock, wouldnt mind particapating Reply Report

Admirer +2 points672 days ago

That is one thick needle, looks as big as a nail, in which case using a hammer might make it easier next nice cock and great videos, you are very creative, keep up the good work Reply Report

Dickless +2 points674 days ago

Why dont you just cut the freaking cock off, its obvious you hate the dam thing!!!! Reply Report
Done that

Done that +2 points672 days ago

A drill would be alot less work, same result, more pain and blood Reply Report

Cockhunter +2 points663 days ago

Your cock would be a great trophy on my wall Reply Report

belk +2 points590 days ago

I adore heavy glans torture. Great vid. Reply Report

lovelysue +2 points589 days ago

Thanks, obviously i do too. Still searching for a willing femdom to give a hand, they arent easy to find Reply Report

Wowbigneedle +2 points568 days ago

One hell of a big needle, must have felt great feeling it working its way thru the glans Reply Report

Ouchy +1 points674 days ago

Wow dude, that really looks painfull...I love your vids Reply Report

Wanttotryit +1 points669 days ago

Why do you turn the cock on its side before pushing the needle thru gonna try it too Reply Report

lovelysue +1 points668 days ago

Turning the cockhead sideways gives me just over 2 inches of flesh to put the needle thru...I like max penetration. Straight up an down is just over an inch before the needle is thru the cockhead Reply Report

Somethingnew +1 points653 days ago

It would be nice to see a knife doing the same thing now that would be a challenge Reply Report

Cigarman   0 points630 days ago

You ever consider putting your cock in a cigar cutter? That would be rather awesome Reply Report

Timmyq   0 points548 days ago

Use that needle on your shaft, wow that would be neat Reply Report

Wantq   0 points555 days ago

Needle through shaft at same time Reply Report

HOT STUD   0 points541 days ago

HOT Reply Report

Rothy   0 points540 days ago

Love the size of that needle...nice cock Reply Report

Dreamer7   0 points540 days ago

A dream but it would be nice if we could put one long needle thru both our cocks Reply Report

waterborn2   0 points458 days ago

Fantastic video, I love it! But...Is that a burn mark on top of your cockhead? If so, please tell how you got it. Reply Report

lovelysue   0 points452 days ago

No burn mark, was a bruise from another needle torture video, they take a while to disappear Reply Report

waterborn2   0 points458 days ago

Fantastic video, I love it! But...Is that a burn mark on top of your cockhead? If so, please tell how you got it. Reply Report
No7207 on kik

No7207 on kik   0 points164 days ago

Should love someone to do that on my penis Reply Report