Naked Teens Belly Stabbed

3 girls gets stabbed in the belly and killed by the knife of a total stranger at the doctors office.

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Kellll +2 points948 days ago

Normal blood would be dropping from the knife Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +2 points947 days ago

Fake as a $20 pair of Nikes, and badly acted. Didn't even get some fucking before he "stabbed them dead." Reply Report

whitedevil +2 points643 days ago

ohhh yaaaaa. jizzed in my pants. Reply Report

Belly-Fever +2 points761 days ago

Too violent. Not good. Not recommended !
Just a few stabs at the navel and or below is sexy enough.
What a waste of 3 pretty bodies !
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vickilidia   0 points949 days ago

Hubiera estado bien si no fuera por los cambios de cámara :v Reply Report

Kindguy   0 points104 days ago

Do you guys know the name of the fullversion of the last vid ?
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Hi my name is "Suicidal".

Hi my name is "Suicidal". -1 points948 days ago

That feel when you get knifed.

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Hi my name is stinkyhead

Hi my name is stinkyhead -2 points948 days ago

since when was murder porn Reply Report

maik -2 points355 days ago

Diese Frau wird geschlachtet Reply Report

sukmycak -3 points949 days ago

fake as shit Reply Report
No one

No one   0 points52 days ago

@sukmycak This isn't the dark net you know...

The internet can be horrible, but if that's what you're interested in. You're on the wrong side of the internet.
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Normal guy

Normal guy +4 points946 days ago

Fortunately it's a fake guy ! are you fucking serious ? you want to see people die O.o you should check a psychologist ! Reply Report

Sbdhd -7 points948 days ago

Wtf dude I come here to watch simple rape porn and this pops up I'm going to have to report this to the police Reply Report

sirclappy +4 points670 days ago

really??? You must've typed that before you discovered rape was a crime ranked up there right along with murder. I hope you were joking. Reply Report

Bobob   0 points948 days ago

It's fake Reply Report