Guy Pissing On Frosted Flakes in Kellogs Factory

Asshole films himself pissing on Kellogg's (Frosted Flakes) cereal conveyor line.
You will never look the same at your bowl of morning breakfast cereal ever again.

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lunar123 +2 points861 days ago

Godamn fucking savage Reply Report

Hdjdjfjfk +2 points860 days ago

Therrrrrrr're Great! Reply Report

Lol... +1 points860 days ago

The dude is white ya southern bumfucks. Reply Report

invisableman   0 points859 days ago

Leave it to a nigger to do that. Reply Report
fucking great!!!!!

fucking great!!!!!   0 points861 days ago

ou men you are the best!!! Reply Report
luis manolo

luis manolo   0 points860 days ago

yummy,yummy... Reply Report
death to inequality :D

death to inequality :D   0 points803 days ago

little surprised to see a buncha buttfuckin racists on heavy Reply Report

Hilliary2016 -1 points861 days ago

It's because we've kept them penned up in concentration camps called housing projects and kept them down like animals.
They need more free shit to persuade them from acting out.
Reply Report
A future tree ornament

A future tree ornament -2 points860 days ago

Knew the color before even watching the video, tell me why their lives matter again? Reply Report

Yourmothershouldofkilledyou +1 points860 days ago

Its a white guy fucking dumbass Reply Report
Mr. Obvious

Mr. Obvious -2 points858 days ago

While he looks black, I should know better than to think a black man would be working. Reply Report
david cameron

david cameron -2 points847 days ago

you dirty packie bastard Reply Report

Whitey-S -3 points860 days ago

Sadly he does look white as the douche below stated. Did you really think a nigger would be working? lmao Reply Report