Chinese Girl Takes A Beating From A Guy While Friends Watch

Actually it was part of the gang initiation. She can now get in to see KUNG FU PANDA III at half price.

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废物 +1 points810 days ago

人渣 Reply Report
fck double standards

fck double standards +1 points982 days ago

We don't have the context maybe they're from a fcking gang but seriously people in the comments are such fcking faggots if the person getting beat up was a man they will be like "hell yeah fck him up fam" such double standards Reply Report

Greko   0 points983 days ago

This is what happens with a country of over a billion. Eventually common sense runs out and what you're left with is a bunch of fucktard ed morally bent kids, that then grow up to be politicians and kill millions. Reply Report

falopipe   0 points478 days ago

cute girl, that guy should be shot Reply Report
wow ee wow wow

wow ee wow wow -2 points982 days ago

that fuckin pussy barely touched her but he still deserves to be pounded into the ground and buried alive to rot and die ! Reply Report

Judah   0 points969 days ago

Shut the fuck up, faggot. If that was a man being abused by a bitch, you would support that shit, you pussy worshipping faggot. Reply Report