My First Black Cock Experience Hurts My Pussy

Hooked up with this black guy from Detroit on tinder and we met in a cheap local motel. My boyfriend didn't know about it, but I finally wanted to know what BBC was all about.

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wiseguy +11 points1141 days ago

Cheating bitches. ... Worst kind Reply Report

Kazz +1 points1141 days ago

I'm with you. If you need to cheat then why are you still with that person? Seriously Reply Report

cheatingbitch -2 points1141 days ago

We wouldn't cheat if men knew how to fuck. Reply Report
Latin Lover

Latin Lover   0 points1139 days ago

You are absolutely right, all of these idiots complaining about cheaters are getting cheating on because they don't know how to fuck. I cheat because I want a good girl, but need a bad pussy! If you fuck your girl real good she will never cheat on your ass. Unless she a total south and then again it his fault for marrying a slut. Reply Report

Bitchkiller +6 points1141 days ago

We would fuck you if you weren't such a bitch all the time Reply Report
Your friendly male

Your friendly male +2 points1141 days ago

Cunt Reply Report

Kazz +8 points1141 days ago

If you truely love someone then how they fuck shouldn't even matter. only ones who care about that are shallow bitches Reply Report
Bernie Sanders ;)

Bernie Sanders ;) +2 points1136 days ago

You're all stupid, this is probably a garden variety crags list skank sucking some pathetic guy for money, described as "cheating with a BBC " by a lame sexually repressed middle aged white man.... Reply Report

Atothenon +1 points1140 days ago

All of you are crying because she's getting dicked by a BBC. Shut up or fap already. Reply Report
Logic And Wisdom 101

Logic And Wisdom 101   0 points1141 days ago

If you are not into a person any more why not be a grown up and call it off . Because if they find out it would destroy them . Thing is you can't give people time back after you done pulled a stunt like this . what I'm saying apply's too both females and males. I know this is heavy r and all but whatever happened to decency ? And if they don't know how to fuck as someone said , be an adult and the right thing . just there time . Reply Report

BBCluv   0 points1141 days ago

I would cheat on my girlfriend to get a nice bbc like this. Reply Report
She a hoe

She a hoe   0 points212 days ago

You're not still with this cheating bitch are you Reply Report
fuck you racist

fuck you racist -1 points1138 days ago

this is her man. she's a nigger lover Reply Report

Racist   0 points436 days ago

@fuck you racist nigger loving sluts are the worse. Ain't nothing but stupid skanky bitches anyway. Reply Report