Very Tight Anal Virgin Gets Cocked

Wanted to share a clip I made with a girl I've been sexing a few times
Last time I asked her if she had done anal, she hadn't but might want to try it some day. So this time I told her I would record her for my own personal archive. I then took a chance on her tight ass with my throbbing cock... and wow it turned out great.

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Puassy destroyer

Puassy destroyer +39 points1173 days ago

Nice vid, hot girl. But you totally raped her at the end. Reply Report
real lawyer

real lawyer -7 points1172 days ago

Well now, it's only rape if they don't take the money. And they do take the money upfront. Reply Report
wtf dude

wtf dude +4 points407 days ago

@real lawyer that's not true. They take the money for what they agreed to do. if you do something they didn't agree to, then it is in fact rape. Reply Report

Jenn1929 -14 points321 days ago

@wtf dude there is no such thing as rape. A woman body is there to please the man. Reply Report
some guy

some guy -3 points1172 days ago

Wish people wouldn't throw that word around so casually, this was absolutely not rape lol Reply Report
some guy 2

some guy 2 +7 points792 days ago

yes it was. it was an unconsensual sex act. Reply Report

Azzfucker +35 points1172 days ago

Damn, she took it like a soldier. And is not rape because she agreed to it. I love the way he just ramed it up that ass with no empathy for her pain. That's the one of best painalization I've seen here. Reply Report

CPP   0 points790 days ago

Hell yeah. Loved the look of pain on her face. Never show mercy! Deep and hard! Make her scream! Hot! Reply Report

maturefunguy +3 points1170 days ago

thanks very much - she was really squeezing her ass tighter when I entered, so much that I kinda got lost in how fucking amazing it all were.
But yea, she's a big girl and I knew she'd be fine all in all.
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am i am

am i am +10 points1172 days ago

prostitute Reply Report

maturefunguy   0 points1170 days ago

sure, you could say that - she wants to be a singer and I have all the contacts she needs because of my job.
So not for money, but she wouldn't allow me to fuck her so much for my charming personality alone ;-)
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Diealoneasshole +8 points296 days ago

@maturefunguy wow... I'm sure lording your "power" over someone pursuing their dreams really makes up for your lack of personality... go to hell, rapist Reply Report

Meh +6 points1168 days ago

She looked so completely bored until you shoved it up her arse Reply Report

GetSetBone +5 points1086 days ago

This almost looks like Rape. If it is not cool bro.
If not then my bad .. But still
Reply Report

double_tap_that +4 points1173 days ago

Nice vid, but have you more than just 2 mins long? Like to see the whole tape for poss! Reply Report

maturefunguy   0 points1170 days ago

yes it's longer, but i'm on super poor internet - took tons of tries and forever to get this clip up. But I'll try again during the weekend.

check my profile for website url to a few screenshort from it :P
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He has a little Weiner.

He has a little Weiner. +1 points1172 days ago

That's all he has in him! He is already done! Reply Report

capitanrogers +4 points1172 days ago

aahh, good vid! should've came in her ass though... or did u? Reply Report

maturefunguy +1 points1170 days ago

Thanks - I didn't cum in her ass unfortunatly.

I had made the pre-agreement that I wouldn't cum inside her. She didn't know I'd go for her ass though... but we hadn't agreed not too ;-)

Like i said, I'm on super spotty/poor net, but I managed to get a screenshot up of cumming on her face. Can't show urls in comments tho, but check my profile for the website link
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NuttyGeeza +1 points1172 days ago

Well that was amusing, how can you agree to your first time anal and then be mad at the guy when it hurts? Reply Report

maturefunguy   0 points1170 days ago

She didn't agree as such. Previous time I had just asked her if she'd done it before, but didn't agree to do it. But I wasn't gonna let a chance like that get away

we're fine and still on talking terms with more sex to come when she needs my help again
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orndog +1 points1170 days ago

So, so very hot. Reply Report

slay_her +1 points177 days ago

Where's the full video? You never really came back. Reply Report

babie_x36J +1 points168 days ago

I can only hope whoever forces their cock into my ass is this rough! Reply Report

prevert   0 points1154 days ago

My g/fs daddy wanted me to fuck my gf like this and then him. I told him we tried one night but she said my cock was too big. He said to make her lube my cock with cocoa butter. Reply Report

zipper4real   0 points860 days ago

Reply Report

me&me   0 points1172 days ago

Great job!
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vengeful scarf

vengeful scarf   0 points1172 days ago

Ah hello! raped her you dick! Reply Report

Abir   0 points1172 days ago

Best vdo i hv ever seen....
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Arg uff

Arg uff   0 points1119 days ago

Pls upload full video Reply Report

FiwfeeMunkee   0 points556 days ago

obviously fake Reply Report
Harvey Deane

Harvey Deane   0 points190 days ago

Good. She'll have trouble pooping for a day or two... Reply Report

SurpriseSex -1 points1078 days ago

Would love to have my anal virginity to be taken like this Reply Report

Fishfinder -2 points827 days ago

Looked fine to me. Reply Report

fred888 -3 points879 days ago

Superb video ! Her pain is real. I love to watch a woman suffering as taken in the asshole. With his strengthful strokes, her rectum was really roughly intercoursed !!!! Reply Report

NewGirl -4 points1043 days ago

I haven't done anal before but this is how I'd loved to lose my virginity Reply Report

Ryoudown   0 points871 days ago

Can I pop that ass open baby
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