Sleeping Sisters Pussy Covered In Cum

Brother and his buddy sneaked into sisters room after she passed out drunk and jizz all over her pussy.

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Kikisrainbowmangokittycat +40 points1020 days ago

Shouldve pushed their cum in Reply Report

Creampie101 +23 points1018 days ago

Damn that's hot! But they should have spent a little more time with her and got her panties pulled off and her legs spread! They should have already had her laid out and lubed up so they could do everything exactly like they did except when the first guy felt his nuts start to boil and tighten up he could start slowly sliding his throbbing and pulsing dick inside her as he was cumming then when he finished squirting and pulled out of her the second guy would be about to cum and he could slide his aching dick right back inside her slippery, juicy, cum filled pussy and pump another load deep inside her! Two loads right in a row pumped into her! That would be amazing to watch! Especially knowing that one of those guys was her brother fucking her sleeping pussy and cumming in her! Reply Report
Kik: bitemeo

Kik: bitemeo +2 points943 days ago

Rape me?? Reply Report

videofreak +10 points1020 days ago

This would be funny if they accidentally got her pregnant. Not for her of course. But becasue these two are so stupid. Reply Report

dionysus80 +8 points1008 days ago

Her vagina looks good enough to lick! Reply Report

Bigpete +7 points1020 days ago

Hahah I did this to my step sister once. Except I finger med her first. Reply Report

Dicktator +5 points1019 days ago

Pretty hot but!!No way in hell i would touch someone elses cum with my own dick fuck that Reply Report

slash +3 points1019 days ago

nasty but at the same time-looks like what horny teens do lol Reply Report

Fuckinator +3 points1019 days ago

Ohh actually good she looks fairly young to wish they would shove there dicks in her holes to wake her up Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +3 points1019 days ago

Was that second dude wearing a bra?

And yeah, hope she got pregnant from the dude's spunk in her slit. If it was her brother's she'd know since it'd have a flipper head, be deformed or otherwise be retarded. As well as probably have fetal alcohol syndrome, as this bitch who passes out like this probably drinks like that all the time.
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deaththekid +1 points547 days ago

I, ahm,... I'm pretty sure he has phimosis.... besides that, really nice vid. Reply Report

HornyTeenBoy +1 points110 days ago

My friend let me do this to his mom one time. I was over at his house and his mom had been drinking, she was passed out drunk. My friend told me he had a cuckold fetish but at the time he didn't have a girlfriend, so he said it turned him on thinking about people getting off her to his mom which was the closest woman in his life. He said he didn't want someone to have sex with his mom but thought the idea of someone getting off to her was hot. He said he wanted to see me jerk off on her body and cum on her. We went over to her and I pulled down her tight leggings and her panties. I started jerking off right over her shaved pussy and thick thighs, I instantly got hard and started to jerk slower, because I wanted to last a bit, its not every day I get to see a perfect MILF body.

I told my friend I was into feet and asked if he was ok if I got off of her and moved to her feet, he said it was fine and I began. I took off her socks and started jerking myself off while I touched her feet. They were big with long sexy toes, I started to rub my throbbing cock on them. I rubbed my dick on top, on her toes and on her soles, I even grabbed both her feet and put my cock inbetween them. At this point I was leaking precum everywhere and her feet were coated by it. I told my friend I wanted to come on his moms feet and toes and he said ok, but he'd rather see me cum on her pussy or tits. I pulled her shirt up and started jerking off on her tits, I robbed my ready to burst cock on her medium sized but tight and round titties. I rubbed my dick all over them and left my precum everywhere. When I couldn't hold it anymore I went back down to her pussy. I wanted so badly to spread her long legs open and stick my cock deep inside her, the thought of fucking my friend's mom right in front of him really turned me on, but I was too embarrassed to do it. Instead I jizzed all over her shaved pussy. I completely coated her vagina with a warm load of cum. After cumming I sat on her thighs and let my cock rest on her soaked pussy, I really wanted to spread her pussy lips and fuck her while she was covered in my cum and her son watched, I hoped my friend would say "go ahead, put it in" but unfortunately he didn't
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elyboy22   0 points1011 days ago

Dude that's awesome Reply Report
None of your business

None of your business -7 points921 days ago

This is my video, it's neither of our sisters and I'd appreciate if you took it down. Reply Report

xcitu -12 points1020 days ago

I love getting women pregnant, but it's always agreeable, and to make sure they are at their most fertile time of the month when I cum inside them. There's a lot of women that want to get pregnant, but don't want the relationship. Reply Report
Rude Dude

Rude Dude -36 points1020 days ago

I hope this is fake! Reply Report

e-cunt -3 points1011 days ago

rip niga Reply Report

randallthrockmorton +58 points1020 days ago

Go home. This site isnt for you.
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