Shitting In The Sink

She comes a long way, it's already a step up from shitting in the living room.

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bushman1942 +10 points1087 days ago

i want to be her toilet ! Reply Report
Fuck you

Fuck you -10 points1004 days ago

U nasty fucker Reply Report
Wolfman Jenkins

Wolfman Jenkins +3 points556 days ago

Shut the fuck up. Reply Report
Rudolf Gerber

Rudolf Gerber +5 points1089 days ago

This actress I would nominate immediately for an Oscar! Reply Report

clemenza +5 points1078 days ago

this black beauty could shit in my sink anytime or any place for that matter.yummy Reply Report
shitty cock

shitty cock +4 points1082 days ago

A brilliant performance - a very pretty woman, a massive dump, and to see her colour transferring from negro to poo brown was fantastic. She obviously loves getting dirty, and would smell so sexy for days. Reply Report
PT 79

PT 79 +2 points926 days ago

OMFG GOD!!! She is AMAZING!!! What a goddess!!! I'd love to be her personal toilet and wash cloth. I would be honored to keep her clean. Reply Report
Andrew Pincott Kreston Reeves

Andrew Pincott Kreston Reeves +1 points3 days ago

What Reply Report
shitty dick

shitty dick +1 points865 days ago

Isn't she beautiful - I'd lover to take her to bed in that state! Reply Report

scatloverforever +1 points202 days ago

i marry her and she can shit daily in me! Reply Report

pisshorts   0 points685 days ago

A real hottie Reply Report

Douglasatit   0 points10 days ago

Hand me that nice poopie you have in your hand so that I can smell it and play with it. When I'm done admiring your sexy shit I can smear it all over your sexy little ass if you would like. Reply Report

Douglasatit   0 points11 days ago

I bet her shit does smell real nice! Reply Report

paimei   0 points1089 days ago

sad that you cant see the shit on her skin .. kappa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Reply Report

Forsen +1 points1089 days ago

Oh no you didnt! PogChamp Reply Report
BIlly Herrington

BIlly Herrington   0 points1074 days ago

ForsenGASM Reply Report

pussypopper -6 points1089 days ago

Stfu you raciest nasty fucked up ass hole Reply Report

تامر   0 points1084 days ago

عبدك كيف الوصول الثيك اريد اكل قرفك Reply Report

gp   0 points1014 days ago

Ad Reply Report

corey   0 points747 days ago

very shitting Reply Report

DiFooq   0 points578 days ago

Wont she get an infection, jokes aside? Reply Report
Wolfman Jenkins

Wolfman Jenkins   0 points556 days ago

That's what I like to see a blackwoman do. Now that's a real blackwoman. I love the color of her shit that's the color every darkskin woman should have. Reply Report
Menstrual blood swallower

Menstrual blood swallower   0 points351 days ago

I shit in the sink of a womens restroom in a office building I snuck into Reply Report

Douglasatit   0 points11 days ago

I'd like to wipe her sexy little ass for her. She sure has nice tits. Reply Report

Neemesh   0 points232 days ago

I wish I could poop in the sink
Reply Report

Suck123   0 points62 days ago

Next time shot on me
Reply Report

Suck123   0 points62 days ago

Shit on my dick is waiting for u cuz u extra nasty Reply Report

Cutegirl21   0 points57 days ago

@Suck123 I’ll shit on it for you
Reply Report

wyld1   0 points54 days ago

Delicious Reply Report

Douglasatit   0 points21 days ago

She has a nice little sexy ass, she come and shit in my sink . Reply Report

... -1 points684 days ago

i looked this up curious, ARE PEOPLE REALLY INTO THIS!?!? Reply Report

I<3shit   0 points255 days ago

@... yes
Reply Report