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I watch and film my very best friend fucking and making love to my gorgeous wife until he cums inside her pussy, then I fuck her while he films.

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Janelle +1 points651 days ago

I have a fantastic husband that allows me to have sex with his friends before I make love to him each time. I find this this very enjoyable as all his friends are smaller then him and they get me warmed up and at times I do have an orgasm with them also. By doing this they get me going and loosen up plus provide some extra natural lube before I make love to my man who his very large. I use to get quite sore many times making love to my man when it was just him and found it hard to enjoy myself as much as do now.
When my man first said to one of his friend I was unreal in the bedroom and he should try it I Said No Way I Married You not him and he is married anyway. My husband did bring it up a number of times over the next 2 months with me & each time I would say no way. Unknown to him I did fantasise about one of our friends who is married to another old friend of mine which I have known since High School.
So one night I finally gave in18 months ago and said I would only do it if I could do it with David first but Sharon was not to be told ever. I was surprised how keen David was and he was good himself. We now have 3 other married friends that have sex with regularly before I make love to my man. it is an unbelievable real turn on knowing that none of my girlfriends know I have sex with their husbands.
My husband wants to start a family and I do also but only if we do it with David first as he is the best of the other guys then my man. My husband first said what if David impregnates me first? I have said that his good luck and something we will just have to live with as I am not changing how I make love to him as I enjoy it way to much for our first child. Afterwards hopefully I will have stretched enough for him to cum first from then on but not now!
I have 5 sisters & 1 brother all my sisters have had at least children with no complications and loved be pregnant very time. We , David , my man & I all want a large family with at least 6 kids and I want them close together.
I have asked David does he ever plan on telling Sharon about us, our fun and enjoyment and our family plans? No way he has said as that would ruin our great friendship and enjoyment together. He has asked me the same question to which I have No for the same reasons. I enjoy going to Sharon & Davids for BBQs, shopping and coffee mornings with her & I comparing and complaining about our husbands and the same with our 3 other friends wives who I also see from time to time.
If They Only Knew About How Much Fun & Enjoyment I have regularly with their husbands
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Annon   0 points616 days ago

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Janelle -2 points532 days ago

I would love to but unfortunately my wonderful husband will not allow it as he is worried that others will find out about our fun times which we enjoy.
By the way Annon I am now 10 weeks pregnant with David's child. After my last post on here I told my husband I felt it was right for me to get pregnant and we talked about it for a number of weeks and my husband was adamant that he wanted to father our first baby and to keep him happy and get him off my back I agreed to his request. We have been tracking my periods & monthly cycles for almost 12 months and always been very regular. At times my husband as to go away with his work just for usually 2 days and an over night stay. We noted that that his trip was just before I was due to be fertile that month but should have been home at least 1 day before so neither one of us was worried that he would away at the wrong time.
While I agreed to my husbands request I still wanted David first. I told David about my desires for him to make me pregnant and my husbands request. David was so excited when I told him of my desires but did not want to cause any trouble and ruin our friendships.
A few days before my husband went on his trip I brought a couple of Ovulation test kits that where on special. When I brought them home and show him my husband asked why did I buy them I explained to him to know when it was best for us to make love for the best results.
Early on the morning that my husband left I thought I might just try one of these kits and to my surprise it showed that I was early that month and just stared at it for about 2 minutes and thought WTF and and waited to time that I knew that David would have left his house to go to work himself away from his wife and family and called him to tell him all about the fact I was early. He was so excited for me and I told him that I wanted him so badly right there and then but was willing to wait until later that day for him to call in and take me before he went home to his wife and my best girlfriend. They live about 10 minutes drive from our place and David & I just seemed to talk about many things for that 10 minutes and I did not hear him pull up in our driveway and he just let me talk. David has a key to our house and to my shock as I was talking to him I suddenly heard him walking and talking to me in our house and I walked out of my kitchen into our Lounge Room to find him standing there with a huge smile on his face. I got instantly wet when I laid my eyes on him. I dropped the phone and raced over to him embraced him like never before. We started to kiss and I started to rip his pants off at the same time he was pulling my shorts and pants off. I grabbed his fully erect cock and looked at him and said "I want you to Cum in me as QUICKLY AS YOU CAN. FUCK ME NOW FUCK ME HARD "Before I knew it he had me on the Lounge and I will never forget the feeling of him sliding into extremely wet pussy without any foreplay at all. It felt so good. I wrapped my legs around him and just keep telling him Please Fucking Cum in Me, Cum in Me. I was so turned on and after having him cum in me so many times before I knew that feeling of just how hard he got just before he cum in me and at that point I had the best orgasm I have had for a long time myself as he shoot his cum into me. We just laid in one an others arms as he lost his erection and slowly slid out of me. I then told him grab my legs and hold them up behind my head shoulders for a while as I did not want any of his cum to leak out. I need not have worried as it was the biggest amount he had ever cum in me as he told me the last time that he had cum was over a week ago when we last had fun as Sharon would put out all that time for him . I felt sorry for him so I started to rub him up and said he better have another go before he went to work which he did for me and he gave me an other great orgasm.
He later called in on his way home so we could make love again. The next day he let himself in on his way to work and we made love twice in my husband and my bed. That afternoon he left work early and came back over and we made love twice again in our bed and we discussed that my husband was due home that evening. David offered to go to the Airport and pick him up and tell him i was waiting at home for him which he did and it was great
When my husband arrived home he was very tried and not even interested in making love to me that night which was so great as I was starting to get every sore but it felt so good.The next morning I made out that I went into the Bathroom and took the ovulation test and showed my husband and he gotso exited but I di leave it until just before he left knowing that he would have to wait until that night before making love to me as he could not be late to work to give his report about his trip.
These 4 days where unbelievable firstly with David than my husband making love to me. My husband does not know about anything that went on while he was away and he believes he is the father. May be next time if he is lucky.
Since being pregnant I have had very little morning sickness and so horny all the time and I have permission to have sex with David as often as I like now and any of the other guys I see regularly.
So far for the last 2weeks David has called in on his way home from work and has made excuses to come to our place to make love to me to cum in me while my husband watches not only him but some of the others than my husband reclaims me after they leave. My life has been great lately and I just wish all women and wives could leave the life I have been leading now for a while
I do wish at times I could film it but my husband forbids it which is a pity
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