Nude Girl fight in african slum

In African slum , if girl loose a fight, she is undress and must stay nude in the street

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Banner year

Banner year +1 points514 days ago

Black bitches should be lit on fire Reply Report
Not beer gut but baby gut

Not beer gut but baby gut   0 points804 days ago

There is not a women there that hasn't got the 6 baby belly.
Better brace yourself europe they are coming.
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orly. +1 points424 days ago

tf is a "6 baby belly"??? Reply Report
better judgemental

better judgemental   0 points344 days ago

slum? i think not! outdoor plumbing, that is one upper class neighborhood on that continent. Reply Report
Dallas May

Dallas May   0 points208 days ago

who would such a thing she was outnumbered by at least 2 maybe 3 other girls that was not a fair fight Reply Report

Mr_Ant   0 points129 days ago

@Dallas May She probably fucked some other woman's husband or something. I am sure she did something to deserve that. Reply Report

fukuall   0 points109 days ago

stupid nigger should have been pushed and held in sewer then dragged out and made to roll in the shit on the street just the stripping is too good for these cunts Reply Report
fucking hell

fucking hell -1 points800 days ago

no body care even if they are naked who wana see that body Reply Report

:ssss -4 points897 days ago

Niggs again :o Reply Report