Goddesses Double Ass Whipping

Two mistress goddesses taking turns to whip their slaves ass.

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Worthless as a man

Worthless as a man +4 points663 days ago

I've been ass whipped by two mistresses at the same time and loved it Reply Report
Lust bitch

Lust bitch +2 points1027 days ago

Much better would be to have both women flogging the bastard - one stand behind him to the left and one behind him on the right. They lay each lash alternately forming a nice cross-cross pattern leaving his back a bloody mess! In 10 minutes they can do a lot of damage. Reply Report

Tammiegirl +1 points910 days ago

My boyfriend is a real sadist! One night he whipped me so badly I begged him to stop. but the bastard started whipping my twat! I passed out from the pain and when I recovered my twat was all bloody and I learned my clit was torn off! He whipped it clean off!! I'm so fucking depressed - I can't make love anymore and guys won't go out with me! Reply Report
Caroline J.

Caroline J. -1 points800 days ago

Tammie, your clit may be damaged but it could not be torn off. It is too deep seated within your body. You should stay with your boyfriend and accept his punishments. Maybe he will whip your breasts without mercy. Reply Report

arianna34   0 points910 days ago

I like your style ladies! you really leave the poor bastard raw. We sisters have to stand together against this man's world!! Reply Report

Slasher   0 points876 days ago

His back is raw and even has some blood drops oozing from welts! But had these ladies flogged him criss-cross the entire time his back would be a slough of blood! Reply Report
Caroline J.

Caroline J.   0 points800 days ago

When they were finished whipping his back, they should have rurned him round, tied him so he couldn't move, then contined to whip him, especially on his cock and balls. Reply Report
Menstrual b!ood swallower

Menstrual b!ood swallower   0 points14 days ago

@Caroline J. I want to swallow your menstrual blood Reply Report

Slough   0 points308 days ago

I so want to take his place. These hot ladies are viscous amazons! Reply Report

podkabluchnik -1 points1028 days ago

Lovely weals :) Very talented girls :)) Reply Report

smally -1 points786 days ago

the small blonde ist fantastic. wow Reply Report