Assfuck With Shit

Girl in doggystyle position has to take a big shit. She gets fingered and fucked and pushes it out while getting fucked up the ass. Shit filled anal leads to a pull out cumshot.

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Hornygirl38 +25 points760 days ago

I want a guy to do this to me so bad. Along with an enema! This would be great! Reply Report

Cheroot   0 points59 days ago

Hi. If you are a nurse, then I have nothing but respect for you.
I hope you get your wish, and that you meet the right guy.
Reply Report

Luvinitright   0 points195 days ago

I would but I don't know where you at Reply Report

danny661   0 points196 days ago

I could do this for you anytime Reply Report
Salman Shaikh

Salman Shaikh +1 points425 days ago

Thic is Awesom Reply Report

00120 +7 points759 days ago

stop pretending you're a girl on every comment dumbass Reply Report

Hornygirl38 +14 points756 days ago

I am a girl actually. Born with a fucking pussy and all. I'm 21 and a fucking nurse. How the fuck would you know what body parts I have dumbass. Reply Report
For you

For you +4 points628 days ago

My big 14 inch dick is ready for your shit filled asshole Reply Report

00120 -9 points746 days ago

so if you really want to be fucked like that create yourself a fucking account or go make me a sandwich you stupid whore Reply Report
Shut up

Shut up +6 points372 days ago

Well shit a fight over porn and someone's gender Reply Report

fcker123 -2 points760 days ago

where are you located Reply Report

Nutella -5 points760 days ago

Me too Reply Report
way ahead of time with me too .

way ahead of time with me too .   0 points138 days ago

Reply Report

Hornyguy30 +1 points760 days ago

I would love to do this with you, and anything else you would like. Reply Report

pns +1 points760 days ago

I would love to do this to you along with a pee enema. Reply Report

Scatfucker +2 points760 days ago

Where are you from, i will gladly open that hole for you Reply Report

hornychick +11 points760 days ago

This is a nice way to get the shit out Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +1 points759 days ago

Has this ever happened to you? :) Reply Report

hornychick +5 points709 days ago

Unfortunately no Reply Report

anlplyr69   0 points507 days ago

Unfortunately? That's a shame. It is an erotic experience!! Reply Report

TD   0 points567 days ago

My big dick is ready for your shit filled butt hole Reply Report

theVesper +9 points760 days ago

This is EXACTLY what I want to try with a woman who will let me. lol Reply Report

TheSexGoddess +1 points368 days ago

This is exactly what I would want a guy to do to me. Reply Report

nastysloppy +9 points760 days ago

So fucking hot.!! Look at that ass hole.!! Wow!! Amazing vid thanks.!! Reply Report

jak +7 points760 days ago

perfect!, wanna see more of this, wish I had a woman like that Reply Report

nutellahamster +7 points760 days ago

THIS is a perfect asshole! Reply Report

cuntagious +6 points626 days ago

D'aw, the way he rubs his cock against her poo is really cute, like giving it a loving nuzzle <3 Reply Report

bonggoddess93 +5 points137 days ago

mmm! I bet this would feel amazing! Reply Report

precumdaddy +5 points760 days ago

Excellent! Reply Report

smally +5 points622 days ago

So sexy and hot Reply Report

heavy_r_darkchild +5 points275 days ago

Fail 1...dude shouldn't have allowed her shit safe passage out, should've sent that shit back from whence it came...stuff that dick balls deep in that tight lil' asshole and let the shit find it's own way out
Fail gotta creampie that shithole,,,nothing completes a good shit than a creampie
Reply Report
Ron Martin

Ron Martin +4 points619 days ago

I would love to do this to you. Reply Report

Yeet +4 points262 days ago

Love it Reply Report
old fag

old fag +3 points760 days ago

me too its so hot Reply Report

Zizzman +2 points34 days ago

Such a turn on!
I just came!!!
Reply Report

dragonass +1 points588 days ago

i would fuck like this in a heart beat
Reply Report

dirtidancinboy +1 points606 days ago

Now this is what I call fudge packin! Shit smeared tip & all! Reply Report

hairy1 +1 points322 days ago

I love real pure anal sex so good. Reply Report

smite4499 +1 points25 days ago

Anyone in Arizona interested? Reply Report

ukman   0 points294 days ago

This is all I can say is more more more ...... Reply Report

el2856   0 points254 days ago

I did this to my GF she enjoy it, and so do I, it's great Reply Report
Sexy Dick

Sexy Dick   0 points250 days ago

Any girl want to do this with me Reply Report

Dddfrrcda   0 points154 days ago

Hea crazy ! I would eat all that mmm Reply Report

Ffffcdfxfgcg   0 points147 days ago

Fffff Reply Report

tito456   0 points144 days ago

Very nice Reply Report

sf -1 points452 days ago

I'd probably have liked it better if it'd been her "dad" (or her "mother" for that matter) ramming the shit out of her Reply Report

Nopd -2 points427 days ago

White ppl are disgusting Reply Report
no thank you

no thank you -4 points711 days ago

eww his dick looks like its got some stink cheese coming out barf Reply Report