Dominant Mistresses Cruel Whipping

Dominant Mistresses take it in turn to give their slave a cruel whipping.

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podkabluchnik +2 points976 days ago

A brave sub here - hardly a whimper as they deliver a really harsh bloody lashing! Reply Report
Menstrual blood swallower

Menstrual blood swallower +2 points914 days ago

After a whipping I would love to be their human toilet Reply Report

arianna34 +2 points854 days ago

They need to use heavy Cats! Those crops don't do enough damage! If the goal is to punish this guy punish him! The intent shpuld be to leave his back cut to pulp!! Not pink... Reply Report
nacho c

nacho c +1 points696 days ago

Reply Report

Slasher +1 points975 days ago

That's just it... He should be in agony whipped that harshly yet he doesn't even flinch! While his back is raw I'd like to see it shredded in bloody, tattered strips! Reply Report
Caroline J.

Caroline J. +1 points744 days ago

H takes it well. They should have turned him round and whipped his balls - lets see how he would have stood that! Reply Report

ignaciofeet   0 points670 days ago

yes Reply Report
Slash man

Slash man   0 points975 days ago

How can I get these two hot Dommes to whip me like this? Reply Report

seba63   0 points7 days ago

I would love to take that lashing. Reply Report
Whip me

Whip me   0 points486 days ago

I just want to take his place!! Reply Report

Sylvia   0 points154 days ago

I had this with bullwhip it takes 3 months to recover the marks are permenant it was done by a good proffesional mistress. Reply Report
Domme\'s Dog

Domme\'s Dog   0 points39 days ago

At 5:33 she keeps beating beautifully non-stopping as it should be all the session long. Reply Report

Slasher -1 points912 days ago

Agreed! If these two had bull whips or Cats his back would be shredded pulp after 20 minutes. His back should be ripped open exposing bone and tendons! Reply Report
WTFi watch

WTFi watch -1 points179 days ago

This is fucking SICK Reply Report