Shit Sucking

Redhead poops in a loser's hand and he is made to suck it. He jerks off while sucking the turds and another girl sucks his dick. She gets in on the shit sucking and craps while he cums.

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DP Girl

DP Girl +13 points960 days ago

Watching that girl eat the other girl's shit was so hot. I want to share it with her. My cunt is so hot. I love the brown shit on the other girl's teeth Reply Report
Ready For The Big One

Ready For The Big One +1 points918 days ago

Hi DP Girl. I'm ready to provide the big one for you? Let's talk Reply Report
DP Girl

DP Girl +1 points917 days ago

Hi "Big One". Thanks for your offer. I'm known for my large textured scat. Love to provide some for you. Your place or mine. Bring your girlfriend. I'd love to see my brown shit between her teeth. Can't wait to eat her scat. My cunt is wet Reply Report
DP Girl

DP Girl +11 points959 days ago

My cunt gets so wet every time I see that girl bite off a piece of that other girl's shit and starts eating. I want to share eating it with her and look into her eyes while we eat it together ... I'm so wet. Reply Report
pay 4 pee

pay 4 pee +4 points960 days ago

U never waste a redheads pee wtf she is a goddess eat the shit and move on Reply Report

podkabluchnik +4 points960 days ago

Exquisitely-filmed close-up shitting :)) I could almost taste it myself :)) Reply Report

scatman54 +3 points960 days ago

oh hun, me next Reply Report

smally +3 points960 days ago

Sexy Reply Report

mtxvca7 +2 points956 days ago

goddamn she is hot at it all Reply Report
Girl suck othe Girls Shit

Girl suck othe Girls Shit +2 points549 days ago

Love it when the the dark hair girl start sucking on the other girls shit. Too hot Reply Report
DP Girl

DP Girl +5 points548 days ago

Can't you smell the shit in her mouth. I love it when the girl who shit the piece is watching the brown girl eat her shit. Put some cum on it and it would be perfect. Who is that brown hair girl eating the shit. I've seen her before Reply Report
Throbbing Cock

Throbbing Cock +1 points479 days ago

The aroma of her cunt and textured shit has been known to drive guys to intense pleasure. I've been told her pussy smell is the best in in the scat industry and the sounds she make when the crown of shit exists her shit hole drives men and women to intense orgasmic states. Such a nice cock with veins full of thick white cum. She has been seen to do the same on women and bring them to intense orgasmic states. Reply Report
Can Wait

Can Wait   0 points512 days ago

Can't wait to get that rich textured piece of shit in my mouth. Eating a small piece at a time and watching the dark hair girl eat it as well Reply Report
DP Girl 2

DP Girl 2   0 points486 days ago

So hot watching the red head finger fuck herself while she watching the other girl eat her shit Reply Report