Fucking Sleeping Ass

My wife drank to much again and was in a coma and left me hanging horny. I fiddle around with her anus and try to get my tiny cock in her ass.

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BigSexy! +17 points992 days ago

What's up with that rash Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +6 points992 days ago

Not to mention the shit stain on her ass... Reply Report

TurndOffFasterThenColdShower +5 points992 days ago

Omg right that was discusting, her ass rash, his tiny nasty penis that alone was bad to see let alone the actual sex! And I think she has a diaper on and underwear over the diaper. This was grosses thing I ever seen, he ruined porn for me! Reply Report
white cum ftw

white cum ftw +10 points992 days ago

your cum is awful omg, your wife as a disease on her cunt? Reply Report

Std +8 points992 days ago

Dude I'm no doctor but it looks like you got one hell of a infection going there Reply Report
El conquistador

El conquistador +5 points992 days ago

WOW You both Need to see a doctor! Reply Report

Nipplegate +5 points992 days ago

looks like both of them got gonorrhea.
Reply Report

00120 +2 points992 days ago

ahahah, wtf is that couple Reply Report
go to the doctor bitch nigga

go to the doctor bitch nigga +2 points992 days ago

this dude has a prostate infection Reply Report

Boak +1 points992 days ago

Thought my 8 incher was average, apparently not.

Nasty video all round, yuck.
Reply Report

tessporsche89   0 points992 days ago

Horrible jak Reply Report

barnie -8 points992 days ago

hey there Tessporsche89, if thats you in the profile pic, u look very lovely indeed.. would love to talk with ya.. Reply Report

Scared   0 points964 days ago

KILL IS WITH FIRE! Bet it burns anyway, never seen cum like that! Reply Report
me  cock much nigger than yours

me cock much nigger than yours   0 points427 days ago

dude u have a micro penis at best,,,, think it would have to be bigger to even be a micro penis Reply Report

kok4ko   0 points350 days ago

I want pay to have a drunking wife. Mine Is astemic and his asshole Is closed Reply Report