Slave Pierces Needles In Cock

Sissy boy gets his cock pierced with big frighting needles and is made to eat her shit.

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podkabluchnik +1 points899 days ago

This is a beautiful example of how to eat the mistress's shit THE RIGHT WAY. As soon as the beautiful turd drops into his mouth - he gets on immediately with munching it and swallowing it down as quickly as possible, so that she can shit as much as she likes. If you start gagging, or thinking about it at all - bang, the moment's gone. it's turned cold and hard, and much harder to swallow.

Scat subs, learn to please your dommes! Gulp their shit down hungrily and enthusiastically!! Remember what mummy said when you were small - we don't want to see anything left! Eat it all down! :))
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