A Chinese girl is Stripped Naked and Beaten by classmates

The video shows the gang of girls, all of whom are unidentified, beating the one schoolgirl by violently kicking and slapping her
They then start to strip her of her clothes.

The girl tries to run away along the rural road but the gang chased her and caught up with her. Then they kicked and slapped the lone victim again.

As they beat her, a group of young girls in their school uniform appeared to stand and watch.

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POS\'s +10 points823 days ago

Like to kill those fucking gooks beating her. Reply Report

keshec +1 points789 days ago

True this compleatly crap mentality Reply Report

ColinDee +10 points591 days ago

They should have removed her panties too. They should then have tied her hands behind her back, before leaving her naked. Perhaps also blindfolded her before leaving her, so she would be really helpless and humiliated. Reply Report
Gerald Toad

Gerald Toad +7 points676 days ago

I love these videos. Turn me on. But always too short and why let her keep her panties on. Maybe there is more video to come where she gets more kicking and totally naked lol.... Please Reply Report
Y\'r Nightmare

Y\'r Nightmare   0 points14 days ago

@Gerald Toad you are a fucked beast!
Hope you will get the same humiliation.
Reply Report
America Sucks

America Sucks +6 points699 days ago

America is worst... I swear they are the worst country no one is as bad as the... wait what.... this isn't America? Oh.. So wait you mean to tell people are piles of shit all over the world and I look like a dipshit for making fun of a specific country? Nahhh I super smart Reply Report
Gerald Toad

Gerald Toad +6 points644 days ago

Good video... Cuould have been a lot better. Make it longer and strip her naked. Lots of opportunity to kick her and really hurt the skank, But I still cum so pretty cool Reply Report

NeilH +6 points563 days ago

Why leave her knickers on? They pulled them down several times yet let her pull them back up? Would have loved to see her completely naked and exposed Reply Report

Man-O-War +5 points439 days ago

Should have ripped off her panties and stuffed them in her mouth Reply Report
Dunk Oldham

Dunk Oldham +2 points466 days ago

Feel like ordering a Chinese meal now Reply Report

skycreeper48 +1 points543 days ago

i dont give a fuck how many people hitting you. fucking fight back until you cant fight anymore.... Reply Report
Fuck these dickheads

Fuck these dickheads +1 points409 days ago

Sorry but these bitches deserve to fucking die..wtf are the shitty chinese government going to do about these jealous evil harpy women..This is fucked up, If she was my daughter id get her to name every single one here and id go and shoot them in the face..Worthless bitches Reply Report
Mother fucking nelson

Mother fucking nelson +1 points498 days ago

Chop the chicks and chicken chow miem Reply Report

GUEST1234321   0 points57 days ago

If I saw girls doing that, I would encourage them. Tell them to strip her underwear, hold her arms and legs and kick her pussy until she faints. Spread the closeup film and foto in school. Reply Report

Buzna   0 points11 days ago

Take off her panties! Reply Report

laotuong -1 points670 days ago

you know what I will grab what ever on the ground like stone or stick knock one them bad, as bloody I can get until those fucking bitch will stop beating. if you stand there did nothing they keep step up, since you are end up this way either you die then I die. Reply Report