Needles Galore In Penis Pump

Oh My God! The growing cock hurries forward to satisfy the 7 waiting needles at the end of the penis pump!

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Guillotinequeen +16 points961 days ago

Wow that is one beautifull piece of meat, I would love to add it to my collection if you are interested..let me know Reply Report

Mrcbt +8 points993 days ago

My girl saw this an wanted to try it on me. I finally agreed..watching her pump away an having no control over what was happening was fantastic. I got a hard on at the same time which surprised me, I barely felt the needles go in at all!! Thanks for the idea Lovelysue Reply Report

sex1848 +7 points996 days ago

Damn that is disgustingly genius hahah Reply Report

madmickx +6 points989 days ago

Great idea. So long as the needles are good and sharp once they have penetrated the skin the slide into the shaft should feel awesome. Reply Report

lovelysue +3 points988 days ago

Those needles were 1 1/2 inch long, I just picked up some 2 inch long needles which should all easily make their way deep into the shaft after going thru the cock head...looking forward to it. P does feel great when the needles do enter the shaft! Reply Report

neddledick +6 points996 days ago

I usually just stick 1 or 2 needles in my dick by hand but this is genious and so hot since your dick is impaling itself on the needles, I know what I'm doing tonight! Reply Report

lovelysue +7 points995 days ago

It feels great too...not getting aroused knowing whats about to happen before putting your cock in the tube is the hardest part. Once in the tube the vacuum an getting aroused makes the rest simple Reply Report

CAguy +4 points922 days ago

Im envious you can do that, I cannt do the pain but I do enjoy jerking off watching you do your magic on your about a masterbation video? Reply Report

Abnerdulac51 +3 points995 days ago

Good god man, what next, 9 needles lol...any shaft penetration this time, looks like you did Reply Report

lovelysue +5 points995 days ago

I moved the needles a 1/2 inch closer to the cock head to get further into the shaft, the middle 2 barely made it. The cock pump instant able to overcome the resistance of the needles once they are embeded in the cock head Reply Report

Interested? +3 points940 days ago

Thats one nice looking cock, you want gf to give you a hand? Reply Report

Yolo! +2 points996 days ago

that much? wow that sould hurt Reply Report
good idea

good idea +2 points996 days ago

This is some saw type shit.... impressive Reply Report

Ilovelindsey +1 points682 days ago

Oh wow, i bet it feels amazing! Atm i only have pins that i push into my cock head. Id love to get some actual needles to shove down into my shaft and feel them inside my cock meat as i jerk off Reply Report

bandedinme   0 points556 days ago

fucking hot
need this done to my cock
until it is harvested
bandedinme on aol
Reply Report

Pollyo9   0 points808 days ago

Different, but nice Reply Report

KellyGreen   0 points666 days ago

Great vid, too bad you cannot get rid of the glare, nice idea too Reply Report