Gold Painted Asian Slut Abused

A gold paint fetishist has gold plated a slave and is abusing her naked shiny body for his own pleasure giving her metalic creampie at the end.

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angelique21 +8 points1092 days ago

Why do they blur their cocks...they are so small you can hardly see them anyway Reply Report

JustAnotherAnon +5 points1092 days ago

I haven't bought this skin for Quiet yet. Didn't know it came with a cutscene XD Reply Report
Just Another Anon 2

Just Another Anon 2 +3 points1092 days ago

Haha why do you think it requires 100% bond rating? Reply Report
Grammar Nazi

Grammar Nazi +2 points1093 days ago

Gold pleated? Like a pair of pants? Plated, heavy-r. Plated! Reply Report
Dick Dastardly

Dick Dastardly +2 points1092 days ago

Downside, no anal. Upside, no scat. Reply Report
Mickey Dafoe

Mickey Dafoe   0 points1093 days ago

This proves it's not just the pale skin of Japanese women that makes them hot, it's also the way they carry themselves during sex (atleast in porn). Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +4 points1093 days ago

They always sound like a dog with a squeaky chew toy. And this little slope bitch is getting off when he rubs her little titties.

Gold on the outside, pink on the inside.

I could tell it was Jap porn as soon as she started squeaking and when the pussy was blurred out.
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LittleGirl99 -1 points1093 days ago

This video.. WAS AWESOME!! *jizzes everywhere* Reply Report