Brutal Group Rape

Young Asian girl finds herself behind held down by a group of Yakuza men who are about to rape her pristine body.

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Sexy mama

Sexy mama +22 points929 days ago

Watching this makes me wish someone would break into my house and rape me in front of my husband. I would enjoy that. Any takers? I live in Ct Reply Report
You can

You can +1 points622 days ago

Reply bac . I'm from Ct . Bridgeport Reply Report

Commentguy +4 points654 days ago

I'd dump my load in your tight little cunt right in front of him xD would you like that? Reply Report

sweetooth1969 +3 points686 days ago

lol just wondering if any of the replies actually did rape the fuck outta ya with your husband watching Reply Report
golden boy

golden boy +3 points794 days ago

When and where Reply Report
Ease To Please

Ease To Please   0 points829 days ago

What's your address? Reply Report

RB_tentagrape +7 points911 days ago

finally. really feelin' her anger. great actress! Reply Report

Lurewhore42 +7 points629 days ago

I wish someone would break in and fuck me like the dirty slut that I am! Reply Report

8incheshard +3 points547 days ago

I will come fuck the shit out of u Reply Report
King dinga ling

King dinga ling +1 points621 days ago

Where you located I have a big hard cock ready for you Reply Report
Please rape me instead

Please rape me instead +1 points155 days ago

@King dinga ling
Save that cock for me baby
Reply Report

Dlinn +4 points499 days ago

This is so much hotter than when the girls cry and whine. Fight me baby Reply Report
Big dong

Big dong +3 points860 days ago

Yes sexy mama...ill be there Reply Report

nipa +2 points909 days ago

This site is very nice because more watching Reply Report

Impressed +2 points317 days ago

Don't know her name, but she is so much more interesting than the usual mewling rape victims in Japanese videos. She is on fire and fights throughout. Her eyes are eloquent in their rage. Reply Report
shenko kiki

shenko kiki +1 points625 days ago

somebody have a full video? Reply Report
Adverd cailen

Adverd cailen +1 points119 days ago

Watching this videos Reply Report

ravisher +1 points114 days ago

Why do they never suck nipples? I love the feeling of milk during coitus. The way she behaves just shows these gook guys dicks are just too soft, small and or shallow to make her submit. Try me, she would be moaning and crying all the way, with no strength to yell , struggle and complain Reply Report

MaritaHL   0 points32 days ago

@ravisher sounds nice, do me :p Reply Report

ilickjapgirls +1 points38 days ago

Lol. Genitals, need to be censored. Gangbang, no problem. Reply Report

sparky999 +1 points33 days ago

i want to rape your cunt Reply Report

MaritaHL +1 points32 days ago

I fucking hate watching porn or rape porn with small dicks. As a girl i know how fucking useless those dicks are. I want to see real rape with at least medium dicks..... Reply Report

nyx   0 points111 days ago

wat jav is this from?
Reply Report

Fxk   0 points93 days ago

Wish someone would break in my home and rape my tight holes with there hard cock until I couldn’t move and then force me to keep going; I want my throat, wet pussy and tight little ass filled. It can even be a group I just want to be treated like a fucking slit and fucked like I’m their slave Reply Report

assfucked   0 points61 days ago

I swear I thought this was real until the end lol, all the bruising on her inner thighs, jeez! Wonder if that was makeup, but they definitely look like real bruises to me.. Reply Report

Kaderlake2   0 points39 days ago

Wir werden dich schlachten Reply Report

Sharpsix -1 points552 days ago

These are not Yakuza men they have no tattoos Reply Report

Stupidity -9 points139 days ago

Why does the guy with the smallest and limpest dick go first? Reply Report