Asian Girls Shit After Enema

Japanese girls visiting the doctor with bellyache are given enema's by a nurse and then they shit and squirt poop violently emptying their bowels

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OMAGAD!! +31 points736 days ago

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silhouette +8 points728 days ago

i just about ripped my cock off masturbating to this! Reply Report

strutt +3 points549 days ago

fuck I know what you mean..... this is a masterpiece Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +3 points735 days ago

25 seconds in....what a fantastic looking turd. Can you imagine the smell? Between 1 minute 42 & 2 minutes.....not usually a fan of watching an enema, but that was spectacular!! Reply Report

Chris6745 +2 points276 days ago

The last one is amazing! Wish I could be there with my mouth open to drink it all up Reply Report

Wizzbang +1 points701 days ago

The last girl was amazing.Just love wanking watching these videos. Reply Report

Browniemcgee   0 points726 days ago

fantastic,love enema videos.Would love to be behind them whem they let go. Reply Report

hohodoesyoyo   0 points685 days ago

noice Reply Report

Rompers   0 points636 days ago

What the hell were these chicks eating! Reply Report

jimm666   0 points569 days ago

Beautiful Reply Report

vinny9   0 points555 days ago

The first girl had to be incredibly constipated. Hard chunks came flying out, even after receiving the enema. My only question, who gets to clean that wall and the floor?? This could be the most sexually stimulating enema video I have ever seen. Reply Report

.   0 points403 days ago

. Reply Report
god in heaven

god in heaven   0 points74 days ago

Where can I meet them? I wanna fuck them while they are shitting. Reply Report

CycleIT   0 points52 days ago

I once fingered a constipated girl till she shit but this is just fucking amazing, no comparison!! Reply Report

hmmmm   0 points59 days ago

I don't even need to be paid to work here, I will volunteer. These girls are hot. Reply Report

ShitKing666 -1 points348 days ago

All woman should be given daily enemas and then forced fed fried chicken and laxatives so these count whore bags learn there place and beg for forgiveness for the slut they are . Reply Report
What I wouldn\'t do

What I wouldn\'t do -3 points727 days ago

Oh man!
What I wouldn't do to work at a place like this!
I'd be open mouthed behind everyone of those girls - especially that last one! I'd let her hose me down
I'm dreaming of this video tonight!
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