Shitty Sunday Poop And Nylons Play

Kinky scat couple wearing nylons do their morning poop in bed. The wife smears her panty legs with shit and stuffs them up hubbys asshole.

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ashleygreene +5 points737 days ago

I would love to join some scat play :-0 Reply Report
Love to play with shit

Love to play with shit +4 points896 days ago

What is with the t-shirts? I want to see more scat all over both of them. Her tits surely could have used a bit. Reply Report

Ilovelindsey +3 points951 days ago

This is beautiful, I'd love to join you both and suck that beautiful shitty cock as you fill my anus with both of your poo.. And I suck his shit off his cock like the hungry shit cock whore I want to become Reply Report

schmittle   0 points594 days ago

You said it so well. Reply Report

filthylulu +1 points861 days ago

I would love to play with this couple! Reply Report

milenxxl +1 points334 days ago

do you want with me? Reply Report
Shitty whore girl

Shitty whore girl +1 points557 days ago

I love watching scat sex but I would also like to do it then people could puke on me to
Reply Report

UK_Oldham   0 points527 days ago

maybe we will meet :) Reply Report

afry +1 points791 days ago

Geil geil geil Reply Report

desade   0 points952 days ago

for fuck sake man stop jerking the camera!!!!!!!!!! your all over the place!!!!!!!! Reply Report

brokenlaptop   0 points564 days ago

by 0:13, I just wanted all of that in my mouth instead of the damn scales! Reply Report

schmittle   0 points594 days ago

I love a man in nylons. I would love to suck his shit from his beautiful ass, chew it up and swallow. Reply Report

truthfulfactors   0 points451 days ago

Having fecal matter on the genitalia is asking for bacteria and infection to come into play at a later day, hope they washed properly and sanitary afterwards. Reply Report
Bro. Tyler Thompson

Bro. Tyler Thompson   0 points304 days ago

Better than my Sunday sermons..... Reply Report

Meepdhrhtbr   0 points202 days ago

Reply Report

desade -1 points952 days ago

sorry but the guy filming this video should learn how to use a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop wondering all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

Grosss -4 points883 days ago

This is so disgusting! Is that really poop? Please tell me it's not!!! GAG!!!! Reply Report
ron burgundy

ron burgundy -1 points868 days ago

this is kindve a big deal Reply Report