Real Virgin Deflowered For Money

A real Asian virgin gets fucked and her cherry popped in front of the camera.

Young Asian virgin comes from poor family and is fucked by rich man who offered her parents a large sum of money to help their entire family. The poor girl had no choice is clearly not enjoying her first time sex. The guy wants good worth for his money fucks her tight pussy this hard it starts bleeding. The rich bastard seems very proud about taking this little girl's virginity and doesn't care about her crying.

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double_tap_that +13 points1251 days ago

Staged, anyway, Asians all got small cocks so I doubt she suffered much anyway.
I would have fucked her senseless in all her holes!
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White cuck

White cuck -2 points11 days ago

@double_tap_that I love how when white bois always complain about Asian cocks, it just shows 1) how insecure they are about their own shrimp pink dicks and 2) they're such feminine fags for paying attention to Asian cocks lmaoWhite faggot, not even your own women want you anymore. Reply Report

sehnsucht -6 points1202 days ago

White guy will always say that Asians have a small cocks, even when they not. Cause you're all obsessed with black shlongs lol asian cocks are the best <3 Reply Report

anon1200202   0 points124 days ago

@sehnsucht because black dicks tend to be bigger than white dicks. i say this from experience, my black ex had a far bigger dick than every white guy i've dated except for one. Reply Report

fukoff +2 points226 days ago

If you are into tiny cocks.
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Mmmmmm +25 points1250 days ago

I feel like this was probably real Reply Report

CPP +5 points1063 days ago

That's the way to bust a girls cherry! Lucky bastard. He should have fucked her even harder and skipped all the foreplay, to realy make her scream Reply Report

Nameeeee +3 points411 days ago

It's fake, you can see, before she bleed, they change the camera view and during this the guy looking behind to an other guy putting the red paint and even after you can hear a soud of a bowl. Reply Report

Darconious +2 points1172 days ago

Not real. At least the story given isn't real. It's from an old Korean porno. Reply Report

Challenge1 +1 points240 days ago

Not a virgin. her hymen has parted in 3 directions. She is nowhere near as sensitive to touching, she would have been pushing his hands as soon as he got near the breasts. She is young and perhaps a little camera shy. Reply Report

Yaxza   0 points1097 days ago

Good job Reply Report

Dunbgtwery   0 points859 days ago

She is just shy, but she is not virgin anymore. Reply Report

Ruskin   0 points593 days ago

Good exciting Reply Report

wirepaladin2000   0 points412 days ago

99% of busted cherries are BS, not this one, It was wonderful watching a young women surrendering that little piece of tissue that separates girlhood from womanhood: cheers to your staff to have put this one together. Reply Report

♥♥♥katia7♥♥♥   0 points164 days ago

This is rich is a idiot...Nem toda mulher se compra com o dinheiro dele...pena que essa moça estava tão desesperada para se submeter a isso...Que esse rapaz pegue todo o dinheiro dele e enfie pelo ... abaixo.Filho de uma ...nao vou xingar a mãe dele porqur ela não teve culpa de colocar no mundo um ser tão desprezivel...espero que você go to hell Reply Report

Tightpussygirl   0 points68 days ago

Fuck I'd pay fuck me so fast Reply Report

Zee   0 points63 days ago

True many Asian have smaller cocks, however I've seen many Asian men with really nice sized cocks. The size doesn't always mean the guy knows how to use it properly either... No, I'm not small either.The ole rumor of Asian have small cocks, men of color have huge cocks and white boys smaller cocks is just not true..... ve Reply Report

robot -1 points1123 days ago

she have a nice hairy pussy every men want to fuck...i had done this many time......i love it very much... Reply Report

Viki -1 points761 days ago

Nice Reply Report

murgy -1 points677 days ago

gg Reply Report

oloighig -1 points607 days ago

iggh Reply Report

Zak12345 -1 points253 days ago

She might not have like the sex but she has sexy tits and nice body to play with Reply Report

FUCK NIGERS -2 points880 days ago

FAKE Reply Report