Mother Chokes Son And Gets Killed Herself

The mom who kidnaped and choked out her own son on camera to payback her ex husband is later found dead. Murdered by unknown killers.

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Payback +18 points713 days ago

Thats what she gets fucking bitch Reply Report
What a shame

What a shame +14 points712 days ago

Waste of a nice pair of titties Reply Report
Stupidass bitch

Stupidass bitch +11 points713 days ago

Wish i could have been one of those people that killed her. Reply Report

Sad +8 points707 days ago

Well thank God the mother is dead but it's so sad that the little kid had to end his life so early. Reply Report

Foldi +3 points600 days ago

I hope that cunt was suffering painfully before she died Reply Report

deadbigcunt +1 points532 days ago

look at size of her dead fat cunt in those white shorts Reply Report
MidNight SIN

MidNight SIN   0 points648 days ago

Yep! You fuck around you lay around!
Reply Report

Agod   0 points485 days ago

Never liked females. Nice to see this. Reply Report

angelo212   0 points326 days ago

Fake. She isn't dead. She's locked up. Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin -1 points298 days ago

It was tougher watching the part where she was choking her kid than it was to look at her dead carcass. Would have been better if the killers had gotten some video of it, though, but justice was done, so I'll be cool with that. Reply Report

ogsabertooth -1 points648 days ago

Shit they took it easy on her. She's still in one piece. She would be dismember finger by finger. But not fast, she'll doe ever so slow. I'm talking medieval spine breaking torture devices. And that would be only A level torture., with the final level being a F. Someone enen needs to desecrate her grave. Level B would consist of a pap smear speculum and white hot BBQ charcoal bricks. You guys don't want to know what level C-F is. That is if you have a weak stomach. As I said medieval. Reply Report

snickerbar68 -1 points126 days ago

Of course the child is still alive and of course the mother is still alive, albeit in jail. All you have to do is look at the picture where she is holding the kid then the next picture where she's on the left and the body is on the right. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to clearly see that they are NOT the same woman! For starters, her eyebrows are totally wrong. But you cannot tell anyone on here that. Reply Report

sepsis -1 points577 days ago

Nice Tats!!! Reply Report
Child is still alive morons

Child is still alive morons -1 points513 days ago

And the mom is right where she belongs; jail. The dead woman, Carla Nadiele Moreira da Silva, is the ex-wife of a drug-dealer who remarried a cop. She was murdered on the street; shot 9 times.

Maybe reserve death penalties to those who murder, otherwise better to always murder your victim if less than murder will give you death sentence. Might get away with it.
Reply Report

childkilla -8 points658 days ago

stupid kid deserve for this and stipid cunts comments here must die to Reply Report

Sjkbabe +5 points631 days ago

There's a name for weak cunts like you who like hurting kids - COWARD Reply Report
MidNight SIN

MidNight SIN   0 points648 days ago

And there ya go! Another asswipe that wants to fuck around! Sooner or later Karma will have you lying around just like that leaking bitch ya little cockbreath!! Reply Report

Agod -9 points485 days ago

Look, I know you're pissed but you should know a fucking troll when you see one's comment's bro. Reply Report