Needles in a cock pump

5 needles in a cock pump eagerly wait to impale themselves on the approaching cock head as the vacuum brings the cock head to its fate

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Abnerdulac51 +5 points809 days ago

Awesome dude, thanks for posting the video..hopefully you do more. Perhaps longer needles could be used to get further penatration into the shaft Reply Report

femdomqueen9876 +5 points808 days ago

Very clever would be nice to see the needles being removed, hope to see more of your uploads Reply Report

ladycumswallower +5 points747 days ago

Nice cock, looks good enough to eat all skewered up like a swiss kabob...yummy yummy Reply Report

Randomwhiteguy +4 points733 days ago

That comment odly turned me on Reply Report

lovelysue +4 points808 days ago

The needles are all 1 1/2 inch long, the bottom 2 actually went thru the cock head and into the shaft. When going into the shaft, a sharp pinch could be felt and it was followed by a nice kinda feeling of warmth, quite a pleasant feeling surprisingly Reply Report
Shockedbut would

Shockedbut would +4 points727 days ago

Fuck....his videos and cannibalism, whats up with that people??? Actually I wouldnt mind taking a slice of his cock too Reply Report

Joeaverage +3 points731 days ago

Dont know why but Im wouldnt mind eating that cock too....odd Reply Report
Hungry girl

Hungry girl +2 points708 days ago

I actually wouldnt mind trying a piece of cock....I would hope the cock was tourniqueted to keep the severed pieced of meat nice and hard and tasty...hmm Im hungry Reply Report

slznbootsla +2 points685 days ago

I want one of those !!!
Reply Report

Canibal   0 points625 days ago

Yummie good enough to eat Reply Report