Mom's Anal Sex Selfie

I was looking for a photo on my mother's phone when I found this video of her having anal sex with a dude I don't even know... How the fuck do I erase this from by brain?

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jackpackage69 +11 points998 days ago

Bitch need to learn how to hold the phone. Who the fuck still records vertical videos man? Reply Report
Julie Vernon

Julie Vernon +3 points995 days ago

Are you fucking serious???
She's taking a fair length in her ass....... who gives 2 fucks about the angle of the phone you muppet? Just give me some dick & smash it deep into my pooper, the phone is a prop, an after thought, it doesn't fucking matter.
I bet you have to have everything just "so" when your various boyfriends pop your ass...... I bet your balls have to hang just "so" when you're getting shafted......... Does your hair have to look "so" when you're blowing your fella??
What a bell end. LMFAO
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Did you?

Did you? +3 points997 days ago

Did you jerk off to your mom getting ass fucked? Reply Report

smittyrobs +3 points993 days ago

I have multiple [ics of my mom nude. I wish I had a vid of her being ass fucked, that shit's hot. Reply Report

nigapls +10 points997 days ago

You say that like you wouldn't. Reply Report

angelo212 +1 points998 days ago

Can't log in to sick junk website. I created numerous accounts and can never log in. Where it tells you to change password etc it never works. It just brings you back to the log in page. Reply Report

crow   0 points996 days ago

perfect,real homemade,with it was a bit longer recorded. Reply Report