Mother And Daughter Degraded

Mom and daughter are bound and forced to fuck and suck fat guy as he verbally degrades them.

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just +11 points919 days ago

moms a hot bitch , like to see whole video Reply Report

;) +6 points911 days ago

Anybody know where I can find more with this guy? this is the second video with him I've seen and they're both amazing! Reply Report

Sztefen +2 points914 days ago

Name of daughter ? Or title Reply Report

Slic59 +2 points716 days ago

The mom is hot; I wanted him to cum on her pretty face. Anyone know her name?

Reply Report

Curious966985 +2 points389 days ago

Who are they? Reply Report
working late

working late   0 points512 days ago

daughter watch how your mother sucks cock, you try now,suck the full lenght Wait time for your panties, to come off like your mother.that,s better I like to see what I fuck,and you are going to fuck soon,same cock your mother had in her.vagina will soon be in your tight young vagina then we will hear you scream? this is class mum you toungs your daughter I enter my erection to rape you. can,t wait to slip into your vagina a mature bare cunt,in stockings, suspenders bend your legs doubble to get deep penatration then daughter I fuck you. going to enjoy making you scream ! may be I,ll cumb deep inside your will find ten inchs hurts fucking deep Reply Report
two women raped who is next?

two women raped who is next?   0 points514 days ago

I want the daughter, stripped naked,then tied wrist, and ankles to bed.. helpless then her mother can watch. but first while mother,s skirt is up around her waist, showing stocking tops and ,suspenders and her bare pantie less exposed mature vagina.mother can tounge her daughters bare exposed vagina preparing her for her rape.that she will watch.but first I will enter mother,s vagina with my ten inch erection,let daughter see her mother struggling, squirming, hear her mother,s" screams" as I carry out her rape.fucking her, hard, and deep.take note daughter when I,ve finished fucking your mother.Yes! it will be your turn to "scream" all you like, you will take all ten inchs like your mother did. I am going fuck your young tight vigin cunt listen to your screams" as your mother watches her daughter being raped with the same erect penis that has just raped her body.if daughter passes out while I am raping her.I,ll fuck mother again......what a day Reply Report
not degradeing just hard fucking..........

not degradeing just hard fucking..........   0 points513 days ago

do as you are told nobody gets hurt.I intend to have fun undressing, and raping both you, and your daughter.first tmother your skirk pull up above your waist.while I expose your daughter,s bare breasts,, and remove her panties to show a bare vagina, like her mother.don,t pull a face wait till you feel my erection about to rape you,Yes? like to see mother.s bare naked mature vagina watch your mum being raped before you. Hear her crys, feel her squirm as I slip my ten inch erect penis inside are next to be raped here beside your mother.I look forward to you squirming. hear your screams as like your mother I fuck your tight young cunt. ten inchs up to the hilt all for you...enjoy,see your mother climax, yes cumb with me still deep inside her? when its your turn will you let me cumb inside you? Reply Report
rent a cock strikes again?........

rent a cock strikes again?........   0 points555 days ago

can,t wait to see mother,s skirt, pulled expose her bare vagina stockings suspenders ready for cock.then to rape her daughter beside her mother same erection two women.... Reply Report
back again for more

back again for more   0 points587 days ago

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Toyacool7   0 points779 days ago

whats the guys name Reply Report
don,t fight share its big enough?

don,t fight share its big enough?   0 points514 days ago

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bad dave

bad dave   0 points589 days ago

mother looks like lorel,in emerdale love to see her stripped and raped,hear her scream! as she climaxed with a cock inside her Reply Report
care taker virgin taker

care taker virgin taker   0 points450 days ago

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she saw mother climax,screaming on the end my erec

she saw mother climax,screaming on the end my erec   0 points587 days ago

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second time around

second time around   0 points589 days ago

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young one fine big thighs just look at the size of

young one fine big thighs just look at the size of   0 points590 days ago

lets have your breasts bare, now mother suck my erection make it hard to fuck you with. but first your daughter,s panties must came off to expose her bare young mother your first. bend your thighs up under your chin spread your legs wide, Now mother tell your daughter how it feels, with 10inchs of erect penis fucking you? don,t worry daughter you will soon know.When I let your mother watch me rape,her daughter with the same 10 inch cock I rape her with. still wet, with her mother,s vaginal juices.see your daughter squirm as she too struggles with 10inchs,now scream nice and loud! like your mother all 10inchs up your tight young virgin passage,god you are" tight" or is it the size that makes you a joy to fuck? Reply Report

bigbaddave   0 points589 days ago

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a night to rember....

a night to rember....   0 points589 days ago

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love the look of distase on mother,s face as I mak

love the look of distase on mother,s face as I mak   0 points588 days ago

see how your mother,s back arches as I masturbate her cunt with a 10inch erect penis,hear her panting before exploding in a climax.I am going to let mother see her daughter climax three or four times as I fuck you hard and deep Reply Report
back yet again

back yet again   0 points588 days ago

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wish mother was here now to suck my nice big erect

wish mother was here now to suck my nice big erect   0 points588 days ago

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love mother,s face as she climaxes impaled on my p

love mother,s face as she climaxes impaled on my p   0 points588 days ago

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can,t get enough

can,t get enough   0 points588 days ago

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he made mother cumm in style............

he made mother cumm in style............   0 points584 days ago

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wipe the smurk off your face daughter?

wipe the smurk off your face daughter?   0 points482 days ago

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wideswing   0 points443 days ago

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 a contest who will climax first mother or daughte

a contest who will climax first mother or daughte   0 points285 days ago

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big bad dave

big bad dave   0 points207 days ago

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father fucker

father fucker   0 points160 days ago

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Jhn -1 points564 days ago

Obese covers covers the whole clam and a dipshit taking noisy pictures with bulbs flashing. Ruined the experience. Reply Report

### -1 points330 days ago

They were actually raped but you guys are too dumb to know it's just a sad thing to see Reply Report

dasf -1 points70 days ago

where the fuck is the rest? I want to see the daughter getting raped Reply Report