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This video was shot in 1912 and might be one of the first porn video ever made.

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Charlie +4 points795 days ago

Definitely fake,
Firstly - the speed of the film is too linear (in 1912 it would have been hand cranked (up until 1920 at least when they started using cameras with a clockwork mechanism)
Secondly - the contrast is too good, look at (genuine) old films and you'll see the cameras back then struggled with different lighting.
I'm also going to say it's shot around the 70's.

Still hot though!
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Fucker +3 points797 days ago

fucking scary Reply Report

Simon +3 points796 days ago

I should have been born then, in 1920. ALL women had a big bush, love it. Reply Report

BonVieuxTemps +3 points796 days ago

Back then women didn't have to shave to look like underaged girls to satisfy pervert sick fanatsies. Reply Report

Scatrina -1 points796 days ago

I totally agree. Reply Report

dumb +2 points796 days ago

Definitely wasn't 1912. Maybe '50s styled to look '20s. Dumb. Reply Report

fucker9   0 points796 days ago

Loving it Reply Report

charlottexx   0 points796 days ago

If you think about it, porn was pretty decent back then to say it was so fround upon Reply Report

rick   0 points796 days ago

wtf xd Reply Report

Surath   0 points796 days ago

We are still 100 years behind the west when sex is concerned Reply Report

Maung +1 points794 days ago

May be you.Your ancestors practiced thousand years back what is being done by the west. Read original Kamasutra where animals are also included sexual for satisfaction. Reply Report
The greatest man alive

The greatest man alive   0 points132 days ago

I wish I could cut this guys dick and Harry stinking beads off and shove them in his mouth because this is very degrading to women. The males should be the ones on their knees giving the women pussy jobs not the other way around and to the people who think otherwise, ( to quote peter Griffin, fuck you ) Reply Report

Lu -1 points796 days ago

Fake as hell!!! Reply Report

booboo +3 points796 days ago

you're correct, FAKE IT IS: "shot-in-1912"-my ass! Prob. french made, recently shot to satisfy special video niche. electric appliance for massage manuf. 1960s/70s, not 1912! stapled dime novel with small ads def. not 1912 either!
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hornblower -1 points796 days ago

What makes you think it was faked? Loads of porn from that age on the web - can't all be fake. Reply Report

HistoryBuff -1 points796 days ago

Really hope this is actually from the early 1900's. That was Fucking great lol Reply Report

podkabluchnik -1 points796 days ago

A charming and amusing pastiche :) Reply Report

riko57 -1 points796 days ago

the massager or vibrator in this clip was sold in in Sear catalog and also in old comics which is now in a museum:) think is funny for me Reply Report

Napoleon_DD -1 points796 days ago

Trust the French to make the first porno! Reply Report
Film buff

Film buff   0 points796 days ago

Well actually it makes a lot of sense considering the film industry originated in France with the lumiere brothers in 1 895, since it wasn't a large international business in 1912 most of the movies being made took place in France, not that it really mattered for dialogue since they were all silent back then. Reply Report

Mudshark -1 points796 days ago

Eh, this is pretty good but for vintage porn you can't beat "Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure." Reply Report

hornblower -1 points796 days ago

There are loads of 1910s and 1920s porn movies on the web if you look for them. Just as hot, if not hotter, than anything out there today. Reply Report