Raping Drunk Asian Teen

She is so drunk that she do not notice that she gets raped.

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Fuckthatass +5 points1028 days ago

She was likening it. If you're going to rape a bitch rape her hard. Her pussy wasn't virgin but flip her onto her stomach, spread her legs and ram your cock up her ass hard, fast and balls deep. I'd cum so hard she'd know she was raped because she'd be able to taste my sperm when she woke up. Her asshole wouldn't be virgin either. So there wasn't any doubt I'd shave her pussy too. Maybe call some friends over for a party. Reply Report

Shellshocked84 +1 points654 days ago

I agree and I'm a woman. Reply Report

NEMESIS2018   0 points130 days ago

@Shellshocked84 Then come here, and let us do it to you, so that we may all have fun! Reply Report

Creampie101 +4 points1030 days ago

I love this video! I want her immediately after he gets done with her! Reply Report

Dirkk +4 points976 days ago

Once a girl is alone and drunk with u..it's fair game. But she is probably some drunk whore he picked up for few dollars. He should of invited his friends to take turns on her too..would of been cool to see! Reply Report
Your girl\'s real lover

Your girl\'s real lover   0 points265 days ago

@Dirkk Agreed. All girls go out for drinks just to have this fun. They are full of shit if they say no just like those Me Too sluts who only mad that they had to give it up to get something in return. They are only shy and won't know they like the dick until they try it. Reply Report
Your girl\'s real lover

Your girl\'s real lover   0 points265 days ago

Looks like this one girl I know that I've dreamt of fucking after she's passed out. One night, she got drunk with me and her husband was out of town and we had a thing before he came along and I smashed the fuck out of her. I love how she insulted his dick and complimented mine saying stuff like "Thank god I got some good dick. He could never get his up and his was too tiny. Lets do this again tonight." Great fucking time. Reply Report

Elisss   0 points159 days ago

She asked for it. Stupid slut Reply Report
VA lost one

VA lost one -1 points986 days ago

Before this moment he might have been still had his v card poor guy Reply Report