Human Toilet Scat Slave

Forced to eat her doodoo.

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Menstrual blood swallower

Menstrual blood swallower +2 points864 days ago

Once again why is that fuck not chewing and swallowing it and take off that damn hood Reply Report

shiter21 -1 points772 days ago

eating shit can cause a person to fall deathly ill. eating bacteria that a person body is rejected out there asshole is not smart. it looks hot, but you will regret it afterwards. Reply Report

mauriceh01   0 points207 days ago

@shiter21 not really. I ate from over 50 girls ass mostly asian girls poopers and lots of diarrhea and never got deathly ill. Reply Report
Outer limits

Outer limits +5 points712 days ago

I have been eating women's shit for years usually twice a month and have never gotten sick it's good bacteria Reply Report

carlos100   0 points160 days ago

@Outer limits really? I don't do it still beause I'm afraid is dangerous :( Reply Report
Scat swallower

Scat swallower   0 points852 days ago

I hate these clowns that dont take it seriously... whats the point??? Reply Report

mauriceh01   0 points207 days ago

Nice! When I was in NJ, long time ago, I served as the girls restroom at a local bar cuz I lost a really bad bet and had to serve all the ladies, and over 20 that one night. Mostly piss, but some really nasty shits, and they forced me to swallow all of it. Never got really sick Reply Report

curious18   0 points81 days ago

@mauriceh01 did you become friends with any of those girls from the bar ??? Reply Report

Slave66545666   0 points197 days ago

@mauriceh01 damn you are lucky Reply Report